Seeing is Believing: Using the Power of Photography to Tell the Story of Sustainable Agriculture
Jerry DeWitt (Iowa State University)
Co-Presenter(s): Laura Miller (Iowa State University)

Moderator(s): Susan Thompson
Time: Monday 10:15 AM
Session Type: 45 minute breakout
Category: Photography
Session Level: Beginner/Introductory
Room: Council Bluffs
Jerry DeWitt is one of the most passionate and experienced voices in sustainable agriculture. He directs the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and coordinates the Iowa Learning Farm at Iowa State University. An entomologist by training, he is an accomplished photographer whose images have been published in two books: People Sustaining the Land (Vagnetti and DeWitt, 2002), and Renewing the Countryside – Iowa (RTC II, 2003). DeWitt will share techniques, photographs and stories about his work with farmers around the world. "These are the people who have sustained their land, their lives and ultimately me," he says. Participants will receive a copy of Renewing the Countryside - Iowa.