New Business Development -- Operating a Business

Information Files
Introduction to Governance – C5-70pdf file   
The Role of the Board of Directors – C5-71 pdf file    
Recruiting, Selecting and Developing Board Members and Managers – C5-72 pdf file      
Board of Director Evaluations – C5-73 pdf file      
Business Strategy and the Board of Directors – C5-74 pdf file      
Governance Issues Unique to Start-up Businesses – C5-75 pdf file      
Board of Director Educational Needs – C5-76 pdf file      


Operations Decision Making
Information Files
Keys to Successful Planning for Strengthening your Business -- C5-150 pdf file      
A Grower’s Perspective on ISO -- C5-151 pdf file      
Choosing Among Alternatives - C5-152 pdf file   teaching activity  
Choosing a Distributor for Your Product -- C5-161 pdf file      


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