Decision Tools, Information Files, and Voiced Media Presentations

Information Files (fact sheets) provide a concise written description and explanation of the subject matter.  A PDF version pdf file of the Information File is also available (preferred format when printing). Some files also include companion tools. An audio and visual presentation of the information is provided in the Voiced Media Presentation. Decision Tools are available to do economic analysis for your individual situation. And Teaching Activities are available for classroom instruction.

decision tools Decision Tools (electronic spreadsheets) are for on-line computation (icon shown at the left). You can enter your own figures into the spreadsheet to conduct an analysis for your individual situation and then save the analysis as a file on your computer.

teaching activity Teaching Activities can be used in the classroom (icon shown at the left). Students can complete the Teaching Activities from information provided in the Information Files and save it as a word file on their computer or send it to their instructor. Many of the Teaching Activities have Answer Keys at a secure location on this web site that provide answers to the Teaching Activities for instructors and others. Contact Ag Decision Maker for the “username” and “password” to access the Answer Keys.

voiced media presentations Voiced Media Presentations provide an audio and visual presentation of the information contained in the corresponding Information File. It can be used in completing the corresponding Decision Tool and/or Teaching Activity. You can view the entire presentation or just a part of the presentation by clicking on the respective slide. To view these presentations, Adobe Flash Player is required.