Crops -- Cost & Returns

Information Files
Crop Planning Prices -- A1-10pdf file   
Historical Corn Yields by County -- A1-12pdf file     
Historical Soybean Yields by County -- A1-13 pdf file      
Corn and Soybean County Yields -- A1-14 pdf file   teaching activity  
Newsletter Articles
Collection of county yield data, how does NASS do it? -- April 2013        
Proving harvest yields advised -- November 2009      
Iowa corn and soybean county yields -- April 2009       


Cost Budgets and Record Summaries
Information Files
Estimated Costs of Pasture and Hay Production -- A1-15 pdf file xls file  
Iowa Fruit & Vegetable Production Budgets -- A1-17 pdf file xls file    
Organic Crop Production Enterprise Budgets -- A1-18 pdf file xls file  
Using Enterprise Budgets to Make Decisions -- A1-19 pdf file   teaching activity  
Estimated Costs of Crop Production -- A1-20 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Historical Costs of Crop Production -- A1-21 pdf file      
Estimated Costs for Production, Storage and Transportation of Switchgrass -- A1-22 pdf file      
Vegetable Production Budgets for a High Tunnel -- A1-23 pdf file xls file    
Developing Enterprise Budgets for Organic Crops - A1-25 pdf file      
Making the Transition from Conventional to Organic -- A1-26 pdf file xls file    
Estimated Cost of Establishment and Production of Miscanthus in Iowa -- A1-28 pdf file xls file    
Newsletter Articles
2015 crop cost estimates released -- January 2015        
2014 Iowa crop production cost estimates -- January 2014        
Planning for the future with enterprise analysis -- December 2012        
The 2011 costs of crop production -- December 2010        
Making the transition from conventional to organic -- March 2009        
Estimating costs of crop production for 2009 -- January 2009        


Information Files
Evaluating Profitability of Crop Rotations -- A1-80 pdf file xls file    
Tracking the Profitability of Iowa Corn Production -- A1-85

Tracking the Profitability of Iowa Soybean Production -- A1-86

Energy and Economic Returns by Crop Rotation -- A1-90 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Corn revenue, costs and returns trends and implications for the future -- May 2014        
Minimize risk by monitoring farm energy costs -- August 2013        
Cost-price squeeze is emerging for corn farmers -- May 2013        
Manage crop risk in 2013 -- January 2013        
Profitable opportunities for 2013 -- December 2012        
Corn nitrogen rate calculator helps farmers determine fertilizer needs, protects environment -- November 2012        
Balance of crop rotations in 2013 -- October 2012        
Continuous corn versus corn/soybeans: do the relative prices change the profit comparison? -- December 2011        
2012 crop input costs increase, along with profiit margin opportunities -- September 2011        
Grain farming profitability headed down -- September 2009        
No time to get greedy -- May 2009        
Get the facts on selling and buying manure in Iowa -- December 2008        


Government Programs
Information Files
2014 Farm Bill: Terms to Know -- A1-30 pdf file      
New Safety Net: PLC, ARC-CO, ARC-IC -- A1-32 pdf file xls file voiced media
2014 Farm Bill Analyzer: Data and Methods -- A1-33   xls file    
Corn and Soybean Loan Rates -- A1-34 pdf file   teaching activity  
Base Acreage Reallocation and Payment Yield Update -- A1-35 pdf file xls file    
Farm Bill Calculator -- A1-36   xls file    
Marketing Loans and LDPs -- A1-38 pdf file   teaching activity  
Conservation Stewardship Program -- A1-40 pdf file      
Conservation Practices for Landlords -- A1-41 pdf file      
New Safety Net: SCO -- A1-44 pdf file      
Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) -- A1-45 pdf file xls file    
Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 Horticulture and Organic Agriculture Titles -- A1-46 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
New ARC-CO and PLC spreadsheets calculate projected payments -- June 2015        
New and updated Iowa State University farm bill tools -- February 2015        
ISU Extension presenting an overview of the 2014 Farm Bill -- November 2014        
ARC/PLC decisions: a three-step process -- November 2014        
Base acreage reallocation and payment yield update -- September 2014        
Base acreage reallocation decisions -- July 2014        
Conservation practices for landlords -- April 2014        
New farm program to provide enrollment decisions -- April 2014        
The agricultural act of 2014 -- March 2014        
Farm Bill update -- September 2013        
Producers can choose their farm program for 2013 -- March 2013        
Impacts of a farm policy do-over for historical 1998 to 2010 -- October 2011        
2010 SURE payment sign-up announced -- October 2011        
2011 ACRE enrollment deadline nears -- May 2011        
2009 SURE sign-up is underway at county FSA offices -- March 2011        
Additional disaster payments for 2009 Iowa soybeans -- September 2010        
Enrollment in ACRE related to farm size, risk management -- August 2010        
2010 ACRE Enrollment Decision by June 1st -- April 2010        
Will you get a 2009 ACRE payment? -- February 2010        
2008 SURE disaster claims begin in January -- January 2010        
Conservation Stewardship Program -- October 2009        
Default yields available for ACRE program -- July 2009        
ISU Extension offers information about new farm bill programs -- March 2009        
Supplemental Revenue Assistance (SURE) buy-in is reopened -- March 2009        
Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) -- October 2008        
Payment limitations in the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (the 2008 Farm Bill) -- September 2008        
ACRE payment calculators -- August 2008        
Tax provisions in the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (the 2008 Farm Bill) -- August 2008        
Crop disaster payments are now a SURE thing -- August 2008        
Congressional research service report to Congress on CRP is incomplete and misleading -- May 2008        


Crop Insurance
Information Files
Current Crop Insurance Policies -- A1-48 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Hail Damage Can Affect Crop Insurance Yields -- A1-49 pdf file      
Important Crop Insurance Dates -- A1-50 pdf file teaching activity  
Yield Protection Crop Insurance -- A1-52 pdf file   teaching activity  
Revenue Protection Crop Insurance -- A1-54 pdf file      
Proven Yields and Insurance Units for Crop Insurance -- A1-55 pdf file      
Trend-Adjusted Actual Production History (APH) -- A1-56 pdf file      
Delayed and Prevented Planting Provisions -- A1-57 pdf file xls file    
Group Risk Plan (GRP) & Group Risk Income Production (GRIP) -- A1-58 pdf file xls file    
Drought Damage Can Affect Crop Insurance Yields -- A1-59 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Crop insurance policies in 2014 -- October 2014        
Making the right crop insurance choices for 2014 -- February 2014        
Fall harvest prices and indemnity payments -- November 2012        
Flexible cash leases and crop insurance proceeds -- October 2012        
Preparing for a crop insurance review of APH yields -- September 2012        
Price and yield (and revenue) risks: Is insurance up to the task of handling them all? -- June 2012        
Crop insurance proven yields can be adjusted for upward trends -- November 2011        
Harvest crop insurance reminder checklist -- September 2011        
Flood damaged crops, crop insurance payments, and lease contracts -- August 2011        
Adding hail insurance coverage -- July 2011        
Selling your crop insurance bushels -- May 2011        
Choosing crop insurance units in 2011 -- February 2011        
The new common crop insurance policy -- December 2010        
Fall harvest prices and indemnity payments -- November 2010        
Crop insurance decisions for 2010 -- February 2010        
Late harvest and crop insurance coverage -- November 2009        
Crop insurance has some changes for 2009 -- March 2009        
Crop insurance may help flooded and wet corn and soybean acres -- July 2008        
2008 crop insurance decisions and dates -- June 2008        
What’s new with crop insurance in 2008 -- February 2008        
What’s new with crop insurance in 2008 -- January 2008        


Information Files
Pricing Forage in the Field -- A1-65 pdf file   teaching activity  
Iowa Manure Manager Series, Volume 10, Selling and Buying Manure in Iowa        
Estimating a Value for Corn Stover -- A1-70 pdf file xls file    
Value of Soil Erosion to the Land Owner -- A1-75 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Management tips for drought-stressed forages -- October 2012        
How to price silage and insurance coverage during periods of drought -- August 2012        
New publication helps farmers increase drying efficiency with dryeration -- January 2011        
High nitrogen fertilizer prices - again -- February 2006        



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