Volunteer Resources

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New Volunteer Training Resources

Help sheet to access new volunteer training via 4HOnline
4-H Equation
Essential Elements of the 4-H Experience
Meeting the Needs of Youth
Circle of Courage website
How Kids Develop
Ages and Stages (6-8)
Ages and Stages (9-11)

Annual Training Resources

Youth as Partners
Building Vibrant Youth Groups
Please click the Inventory of Adult Attitudes and Behaviors below to access the online version of the inventory. Upon completion of the inventory, you will be provided three scores. Please bring your scores with you to the face-to-face training.
Inventory of Adult Attitudes and Behaviors
Supporting Resources:
Vibrancy Packet
Adultism Scenarios
Child Abuse Awareness and Reporting handout

General Resources

Leader Resources
Positive Youth Development

County Youth Committees

4-H Name and Emblem Policies (USDA Webpage)
Record Keeping

How Youth Develop (Ages & Stages)
Troubleshooting 4-H Clubs (pdf)
4-H Club Pre-Meeting Activities (pdf)
4-H Club Meeting Outline (pdf)
4-H Resource Links
New Leader Letters
Letter Content Description 4H 115A
What is 4-H? 4H 115B
Getting Started with a 4-H Club 4H 115C
Planning & Conducting 4-H Club Meetings 4H 115D
Leadership & Teaching Techniques 4H 115E
4-H Youth Activities 4H 115F
Opportunities for 4-H Leaders 4H 115
Hot Sheets for inclusion of youth with special needs:
The Law

Making Adaptations

Learning Disabilities

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Children and Youth with Autism

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


4HOnline Help Documents for Leaders:

Club leader management options
Club leader Helpsheet
Leader Training PDF
Leader Training PPT
Leader Training w/voiceover

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