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Iowa State Fair 4-H Handbook = MAIN State Fair 4-H Handbook & Information

 Judging Philosophy

Strengthening Goal-centered Learning (for Adults) 4H 203 (Judge, Volunteer, Parent)
Strengthening Goal-centered Learning (for 4-H’ers) 4H 203c
  4-H In Fairs and 4-H Objectives for the Iowa State Fair , VI-1087-JCM/SAS, Revised March 1999
  Evaluate, Educate, Encourage, 4-H Conference Exhibit Judging,VI-000301-SAS, March 2000
  Iowa 4-H Teaches Life Skills
Meeting the Needs of Youth, 4H 117
The Iowa 4-H Youth Development Experience with Essential Elements of the 4-H Experience, 4H 3020A/B
Positive Youth Development: The Eight Essential Elements of a 4-H Experience
Experiential Learning Model
Ages and Stages of Youth Development VI-950902
4-H Exhibit Participation in County & State Fairs
For Staff and Judges, Use of COPYRIGHT/TRADEMARK Material, VI-010401-WB; Instructions on obtaining permission to use copyright materials; Additional Listing of Copyright Resources; Instructions on obtaining permission to use copyright materials and Sample Letter (SFH)
Color Wheel 4H 633
Design 4H 634
Score With Your Posters
Role of a 4-H Judge, VI-000302-SAS
Thoughts for Successful Judging Experiences
Responsibilities: 4-H Extension Staff & Judges, VI-1066-SAS
  General 4-H Evaluation Form (MSWord)
  State Fair Exhibits Frequently asked Questions & Answers  
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Ag & Natural Resources

Evaluating Ag & Natural Resources Exhibits, March 2000
Examples of Conference Evaluation Questions for Agriculture & Natural Resources
Endangered and Threatened Species, Noxious Weeds VI-000202-JL, February 2000
4-H Agriculture and Natural Resources Materials for Educators, October 2007
Making an Entomology Exhibit (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 422, May 2003
4-H Horticulture Class List (A/L)
Preparing Cut Flowers and Houseplants for Exhibit (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 464, 2007
Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 462, 2007

Child Development, Consumer & Mgt., Personal Development

Evaluating 4-H Child Development Exhibits, October 2007
Ages & Stages (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 1530a, 2001
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Poisons (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954a, 1996
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Burns (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954b, 1993
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Falls (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954c, 1999
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Hazards (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954d, 1999
Understanding Children-Biting (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 1529a, 2001
Evaluating 4-H Personal Development Exhibits, 1992
Examples of Conference Evaluation Questions for Personal Development, 1992
4-H Personal Development Resource List, October 2007
Evaluating 4-H Consumer and Management Exhibits, VI-1084-SAS, October 2007

Clothing/Clothing Activities

Philosophy of Evaluation in Textiles and Clothing Exhibits and Events, VI-1077-SAS, October 2007
Remember to Educate, Evaluate and Encourage, VI-071001-SB, October 2007
Evaluation of Textiles and Clothing Exhibits, VI-1080-SB, October 2007
ISU Extension--Home and Family Clothing and Textiles Resources, October 2007
Unraveling the Mystery of Design Elements and Principles in Clothing EDC Pub 4H 313, 2003
  The Iowa State Fair 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event 


  Iowa State Fair Communications Webpage
Iowa Youth and 4-H Communication Program Objectives, VI-1072-DHG, March 1999
Iowa 4-H Communication Program, VI-1073-DHG, April 1992
Iowa 4-H Communication Program Resource List, VI-970302-DHG, October 2007
  Suggested Procedures for Judges Evaluating 4-H Education Presentations or 4-H Working Exhibits, VI-1036-DHG, March 1998
  Guide to Evaluating Electronic 4-H Presentations, August 2005
  Share-The-Fun, VI-8137-DHG, March 1997
  Public Speaking Pointers, VI-1034-JA, April 1990
  Score With Your Posters, April 1992
  Judges Training Power Point Presentation from 2002/03: Communications, April 2003
4-H Extemporaneous Speaking Evaluation Guidelines, VI-960501-DG, April 1997
  NOTE: State Fair EP/WE Judge Notebook Items to peruse pre-fair

Creative Arts

4-H Photography Project, October 2007
Evaluating 4-H Photography Exhibits, March 2000
Window on the World Your Rule of Thirds; Composition; Mounting, April 1990
Printing Services Fact Sheet--Digital Imaging for Print Media, Vol. 11, No. 5, (.pdf) October 2005
Evaluating 4-H Visual Art Exhibits, October 2007
Visual Art Media, 1999
Visual Art Vocabulary Terms, VI-00104-WB

Food and Nutrition

4-H Food and Nutrition Exhibits, May 2015
Preserved Food 4-H Exhibit Label, VI-991201-WB, December 2000 (SFH)
Evaluating 4-H Food and Nutrition Exhibits, VI-1085-SAS, April 1992
Inappropriate Food Exhibits For Iowa 4-H Fairs, (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 3023, April 2009


Resource Material Available to the Public
The following are available from each county Extension office or can be ordered online at http://store.extension.iastate.edu.  Most are available immediately as a PDF download.

PM 3024        How much are you eating?
PM 877          Key Nutrients
MYPLATE 1   Let’s Eat for the Health of it
PM 1790        Understanding health claims on food products
PM 1654        Vegetarian Diets
FAM 12           Whole Grains
PM 1043        Canning: Fruits
PM 1044        Canning: Vegetables
PM 1366        Canning: Fruit Spreads
PM 1368        Canning: Pickled Products
PM 3021        Canning: Meat, Poultry, Wild Game and Fish
PM 638          Canning and Freezing: Tomatoes
PM 1045        Freezing: Fruits and Vegetables
HS 21            Canning: Salsa


Home Improvement

Evaluation in 4-H Home Improvement, December 2009
Understanding Design, Home Improvement, VI-000303-WB, December 2009
Wood Finishing: A Continuous Application Technique, VI-000201-WB, 2000
General Wood Finishing Tips for 4-H Judges, October 2007

Issues and Programs -- DISCONTINUED


Science Technology Engineering and Mechanics

Evaluating 4-H Science, Mechanics and Engineering Exhibits, VI-1075-DHG, October 2007
  Appearance and Design in Exhibit Evaluation, 1999
Keeping the Science in Your Science Project, (.pdf) NCSU Cooperative Extension Publication

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