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CAUTION: We are providing mainly the 4-H Objectives and Philosophy in these materials. Some pubs/links inside these materials may be broken or no longer avilable. 

 Judging Philosophy

Strengthening Goal-centered Learning (for Adults) 4H 203 (Judge, Volunteer, Parent)
Strengthening Goal-centered Learning (for 4-H’ers) 4H 203c
  4-H In Fairs and 4-H Objectives for the Iowa State Fair , VI-1087-JCM/SAS, Revised March 1999
  Evaluate, Educate, Encourage, 4-H Conference Exhibit Judging,VI-000301-SAS, March 2000
  Iowa 4-H Teaches Life Skills
Meeting the Needs of Youth, 4H 117
The Iowa 4-H Youth Development Experience with Essential Elements of the 4-H Experience, 4H 3020A/B
Positive Youth Development: The Eight Essential Elements of a 4-H Experience
Experiential Learning Model
Ages and Stages of Youth Development VI-950902
4-H Exhibit Participation in County & State Fairs
For Staff and Judges, Use of COPYRIGHT/TRADEMARK Material, VI-010401-WB; Instructions on obtaining permission to use copyright materials; Additional Listing of Copyright Resources; Instructions on obtaining permission to use copyright materials and Sample Letter (SFH)
Color Wheel 4H 633
Design 4H 634
Score With Your Posters
Role of a 4-H Judge, VI-000302-SAS
Thoughts for Successful Judging Experiences
Responsibilities: 4-H Extension Staff & Judges, VI-1066-SAS
  General 4-H Evaluation Form (MSWord)
  State Fair Exhibits Frequently asked Questions & Answers  
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Ag & Natural Resources

Evaluating Ag & Natural Resources Exhibits, March 2000
Examples of Conference Evaluation Questions for Agriculture & Natural Resources
Endangered and Threatened Species, Noxious Weeds VI-000202-JL, February 2000
4-H Agriculture and Natural Resources Materials for Educators, October 2007
Making an Entomology Exhibit (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 422, May 2003
Preparing Cut Flowers and Houseplants for Exhibit (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 464, 2007
Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 462, 2007

Child Development, Consumer & Mgt., Personal Development

Evaluating 4-H Child Development Exhibits, October 2007
Ages & Stages (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 1530a, 2001
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Poisons (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954a, 1996
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Burns (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954b, 1993
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Falls (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954c, 1999
Is Your Baby Safe at Home – Hazards (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 954d, 1999
Understanding Children-Biting (.pdf) EDC Pub PM 1529a, 2001
Evaluating 4-H Personal Development Exhibits, 1992
Examples of Conference Evaluation Questions for Personal Development, 1992
4-H Personal Development Resource List, October 2007
Evaluating 4-H Consumer and Management Exhibits, VI-1084-SAS, October 2007

Clothing/Clothing Activities

Philosophy of Evaluation in Textiles and Clothing Exhibits and Events, VI-1077-SAS, October 2007
Remember to Educate, Evaluate and Encourage, VI-071001-SB, October 2007
Evaluation of Textiles and Clothing Exhibits, VI-1080-SB, October 2007
ISU Extension--Home and Family Clothing and Textiles Resources, October 2007
Unraveling the Mystery of Design Elements and Principles in Clothing EDC Pub 4H 313, 2003
  The Iowa State Fair 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event 


  Iowa State Fair Communications Webpage
Iowa Youth and 4-H Communication Program Objectives, VI-1072-DHG, March 1999
Iowa 4-H Communication Program, VI-1073-DHG, April 1992
Iowa 4-H Communication Program Resource List, VI-970302-DHG, October 2007
  Suggested Procedures for Judges Evaluating 4-H Education Presentations or 4-H Working Exhibits, VI-1036-DHG, March 1998
  Guide to Evaluating Electronic 4-H Presentations, August 2005
  Share-The-Fun, VI-8137-DHG, March 1997
  Public Speaking Pointers, VI-1034-JA, April 1990
  Score With Your Posters, April 1992
  Judges Training Power Point Presentation from 2002/03: Communications, April 2003
4-H Extemporaneous Speaking Evaluation Guidelines, VI-960501-DG, April 1997
  NOTE: State Fair EP/WE Judge Notebook Items to peruse pre-fair

Creative Arts

4-H Photography Project, October 2007
Evaluating 4-H Photography Exhibits, March 2000
Window on the World Your Rule of Thirds; Composition; Mounting, April 1990
Printing Services Fact Sheet--Digital Imaging for Print Media, Vol. 11, No. 5, (.pdf) October 2005
Evaluating 4-H Visual Art Exhibits, October 2007
Visual Art Media, 1999
Visual Art Vocabulary Terms, VI-00104-WB

Food and Nutrition

4-H Food and Nutrition Exhibits, May 2015
Preserved Food 4-H Exhibit Label, VI-991201-WB, December 2000 (SFH)
Evaluating 4-H Food and Nutrition Exhibits, VI-1085-SAS, April 1992
Inappropriate Food Exhibits For Iowa 4-H Fairs, (.pdf) EDC Pub 4H 3023, April 2009


Resource Material Available to the Public
The following are available from each county Extension office or can be ordered online at http://store.extension.iastate.edu.  Most are available immediately as a PDF download.

PM 3024        How much are you eating?
PM 877          Key Nutrients
MYPLATE 1   Let’s Eat for the Health of it
PM 1790        Understanding health claims on food products
PM 1654        Vegetarian Diets
FAM 12           Whole Grains
PM 1043        Canning: Fruits
PM 1044        Canning: Vegetables
PM 1366        Canning: Fruit Spreads
PM 1368        Canning: Pickled Products
PM 3021        Canning: Meat, Poultry, Wild Game and Fish
PM 638          Canning and Freezing: Tomatoes
PM 1045        Freezing: Fruits and Vegetables
HS 21            Canning: Salsa


Home Improvement

Evaluation in 4-H Home Improvement, December 2009
Understanding Design, Home Improvement, VI-000303-WB, December 2009
Wood Finishing: A Continuous Application Technique, VI-000201-WB, 2000
General Wood Finishing Tips for 4-H Judges, October 2007

Issues and Programs -- DISCONTINUED


Science Technology Engineering and Mechanics

Evaluating 4-H Science, Mechanics and Engineering Exhibits, VI-1075-DHG, October 2007
  Appearance and Design in Exhibit Evaluation, 1999
Keeping the Science in Your Science Project, (.pdf) NCSU Cooperative Extension Publication

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