Meet Southwest State Council Members

4-H projects:  Communication, citizenship, food & nutrition

Favorite 4-H memory: Volunteering at the Iowa State Fair--hooking up with some friends from past years

Other activities: Band, baskteball, school play

Humorous moment: It's not working--you'll need to ask me

One word to describe: Humorous

4-H projects: Photography, visual art, citizenship, communication, clothing, home improvement

Favorite 4-H memory: Going on an intermediate trip to Kansas City

Other activities: Volleyball, track, soccer, academic team, student council, FCA, mentoring, ASTRA, band, jazz band, National Honor Society

Humorous moment: I discovered my clothing selection outifit didn't fit the night before judign so I chose a new outfit and re-did my write-up and still ended up winning!

One word to describe me: Dedicated

4-H projects: Poultry, dog, rabbit, horse, goat, communication, sewing, photography, clothing, visual art

Favorite 4-H memory: All of the fun talks I had with the 2014-15 state council members

Other activities: Band, jazz band, choir, chamber choir, show choir, drama, speech, TAG, National Honor Society

Humorous moment: When getting ready to show my goat, I went to jump off the bleachers and my pant leg caught and I face-planted in front of everyone!

One word to describe me: Driven

4-H projects: Rabbit, beef, communication, food & nutrition, swine, poultry

Favorite 4-H memory: Hanging out with my friends at county fair

Other activities: FFA, youth group, CCOPS, football

Humorous moment: When I got my four-wheeler stuck in the mud

One word to describe me: Fun

4-H projects: Home improvement, clothing, sewing & needle arts, leadership, photography, communication

Favorite 4-H memory: Serving as a camp counselor at Camp Wild with five red heads in my cabin

Other activities: Youth group, MOPS, Region 17 Youth Leadership Council, fair board, county council, fashion club

Humorous moment: I got lost in teh basement hallwasy of my residence hall my first year at State Conference

One word to describe me: Busy

4-H projects: Poultry, dog, photography, woodworking, clothing, communication, food & nutrition, shooting sports

Favorite 4-H memory: Shooting in the pouring rain, laying in a puddle, and still taking second place at the 4-H state shoot--with my family and club members there for support.

Other activities: Band (jazz, concert, pep), choir, art club, plays, youth grup, FCA, TAG

Humorous moment: At communication day, a friend literally choked and he had to re-start his presentation after laughing and coughing for 5 minutes.

One word to describe me: Bubbly

4-H projects: Goats, sheep, communication, home improvement, citizenship

Favorite 4-H memory: The very first time I went into the show ring

Other activities: Band, FFA, speech, choir, softball, county council, basketball, volleyball, student council, SOFA

One word to describe me: Outgoing


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