Meet Southwest State Council Members

4-H projects:  SESS, Leadership, Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Gardening, Health, Dog

Favorite 4-H memory: Glass blowing workshop at State Youth Conference

Other activities: FFA, Adair County Youth Action Committee, SOFA planning committee, County Youth Council, Cross Country, Track, Bowling

Humorous moment: Playing games at State Fair

One word to describe: Outgoing


4-H projects: Rabbits, Cattle, Visual Arts, Communication, Leadership, and many other this my years a 4-H ‘er

Other activities: Boys Basketball, Girls Track Manager, Key Club Member FCCLA Chapter Member and District Officer

Humorous moment: When I let my sister show one of my rabbits. I thought I picked the best one, the judge awarded her Grand Champion.

One word to describe me: Focused


4-H projects: Beef, Food and Nutrition, Visual Arts, Leadership, Citizenship, Science and Technology

Other activities: Speech, Band, Musical, Quiz Bowl, NHS, JOOI, Church Cell Group and Mission Trip

Humorous moment: My first Jr. Overnight with County Council the them was “Who stole the champion pie?” The kids learned to be investigators taking fingerprints and trying to solve the crime. I played the part of the judge who ate the pie and tried to cover it up.  Almost getting trampled by kids when they figured out I was guilty.


4-H projects: Rabbit, beef, communication, food & nutrition, swine, poultry

Favorite 4-H memory: Hanging out with my friends at county fair

Other activities: FFA, youth group, CCOPS, football

Humorous moment: When I got my four-wheeler stuck in the mud

One word to describe me: Fun


4-H projects: Beef, Hogs, Chickens, Ducks, Child Development, Clothing Projects, Food and Nutrition, Photography, Visual Arts

Favorite 4-H memory: County Wide Water Balloon fight at the county fair no matter what age we are, we always enjoyed having fun.

Other activities: Volleyball, Tennis, Dance, Youth Anskuering the Call of the Community, National Honor Society, FFA, Education Talent Search

Humorous moment: All of the laughs that I have shared with the council. Even from the first moment meeting each other, it was like we had known each other for years.

One word to describe me: Dedicated and Kind


4-H projects: Clothing Selection, Home Improvement, Visual Arts, Self-Determined, Food and Nutrition, Sheep, Goats and Photography

Favorite 4-H memory: Participating in the tug-o-war competition at the County Fair

Other activities: County Youth Council, FFA, Dance, Dill Team, Cross County, Track, Band, Drama

Humorous moment: Falling asleep in a lawn chair during the fair and being woke up by a bucket of ice water dumped on you

One word to describe me: Determined


4-H projects: Home Improvement, Visual Arts, Dog, Sheep, Communication, Woodworking, Photography, Food and Nutrition

Favorite 4-H memory: Being a camp counselor for 3 years at camp wild 4th and 5th 4-H camp

Other activities: Soccer, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Bowling, State Council, NHS

Humorous moment: Counselorquences: getting drilled with kool-aid water balloons

One word to describe me: Generous


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