Meet Southeast State Council Members


4-H projects: Swine, beef, bucket bottle calf, woodworking, veterinary science, ag science, leadership, citizenship, communication

Favorite 4-H memory: Showing pigs at the county fair for the first time

Other activities: Football ELITE project team, FFA, group speech, peer helpers, SADD, church youth group

Humorous moment:  When my 4-H steer would stand by the feed bunk and wiggle back and forth

One word to describe me: Hard-working

4-H projects: Food & nutrition, home improvement, swine, catttle, photography, ag and natural resources, personal development

Favorite 4-H memory: When we made a water/mud slide at fair during the biggest water fight ever

Other activities: BPA, FFA, NJSA, Pork Queen, youth group, SADD, NHS, Dance Marathon, Silver Cord, JOLL, All-Star showpig team

Humorous moment: When I was playing volleyball and tripped over nothing as the wall was coming to me and the other student section shouted "watch out for the hole" the rest of the game

One word to describe me: Enthusiastic

4-H projects: Clothing, food & nutrition, visual art, photography, share-the-fun, working exhibits, $15 Challenge

Favorite 4-H memory: Getting to play in the share-the-fun at the Iowa State Fair

Other activities: Band, dance, dance team, FFA, football/wrestling manager, piano lessons

Humorous moment: Going down a rock mud slide beside the hog barns at the county fair

One word to describe me: Energetic

4-H projects: Photography, visual art, food & nutrition, home improvement, woodworking

Favorite 4-H memory: Working as a 4-H livestock volunteer at the Iowa State Fair

Other activities:  Volleyball, color guard, band, track, large group speech, art club

Humorous moment: When a friend was teaching me how to milk a goat and I somehow managed to fall back into a rather large pile of goat poop

4-H projects: Photography, dog, beef, swine, sewing, welding, woodworking, food & nutrition, and mechanics

Favorite 4-H memory: Being a counselor for junior camp

Other activities: Track and field, National Honor Society, student council, Key Club

Humorous moment: The time my cousin fell face-first in a pile of cow poo

One word to describe me: Caring

4-H projects: Photography, food & nutrition, sewing & needle arts, dog, dairy cattle, communication, woodworking

Favorite 4-H memory: Going on the National 4-H Congress trip

Other activities: Best Buddies, Trapshooting, 1440 Interact

Humorous moment: My friend and I tried to do the sunflower seed-spitting contest and were beaten by all the guys who could spit well.

One word to describe me: Considerate

4-H projects: Sheep, rabbit, dog, mechanics, photography, sewing, food & nutrition, woodworking visual art, agriculture

Favorite 4-H memory: Receiving the "Octagon Barn Questers Historical Award" for compelting the restoration of my great grandpa's Allis Chalmers WD

Other activities: Tennis, band (alto sax), Key Club, religion classes

Humorous moment: Having a huge water balloon fight on the last day of county fair

One word to describe me: Outgoing

4-H projects: Dairy, beef, poultry, rabbit, horse, sheep, dog, cat, sewing, extemporaneous speaking, working exhibits, citizenship, leadership, home improvement

Favorite 4-H memory: When my puppet skit that I wrote about 4-H was selected to go to the State Fair and after the State Fair it was in the 4-H Hall as an outstanding exhibit

Other activities: Volunteer work, livestock judging, FFA, soil judging, cheerleading, dance team

Humorous moment: When my cow decided to lay down in the water trough at the fair and wouldn't get out

One word to describe me: Fearless

4-H projects: Rabbit, communication, photography, visual art, leadership, clothing, swine, child developmen

Favorite 4-H memory: My time in Washington, D.C. for the 2015 National 4-H Conference was my favorite 4-H memory. It was great to meet other 4-Hers from across the country and get to know the Iowa delegates better. My round table presented to a group of six government agencies at NASA, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Humorous moment: Getting lost on our way home from one of the state counicil retreats last year

One word to describe me: Confident

4-H projects: Visual art, home improvement, science & engineering, food & nutrition, photography, woodworking, sewing

Favorite 4-H memory: When my club went bowling for our Christmas party

Other activities: Volleyball, basketball, golf, softball, speech, show choir, science fair, LEAP, drama, band, chorus, DARE role model

Humorous moment: In my club we play games, so one time we played musical chairs and I missed the chair

One word to describe me: Determined

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