Meet Southeast State Council Members


4-H projects: 
Favorite 4-H memory: 
Other activities: 
Humorous moment: 
One word to describe me: 

4-H projects: Photography, food & nutrition, horticulture, electric, outdoor adventure, citizenship, home improvement, computer, sheep, goats, communication, leadership
Favorite 4-H memory: Being at the state fair
Other activities: Band, choir, speech, drama, robotics, show choir, Spanish club, NHS, student council, county council, cross country, soccer
Humorous moment: Explaining to fair visitors why goats are not dogs
One word to describe me: Ambitious

4-H projects: Sewing, home improvement, photography, food & nutrition, dog, poultry, clothing, animal science, citizenship
Favorite 4-H memory: Attending National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, it was great to hear about how 4-H is different in other states and get to know the Iowa delegates
Other activities: Key Club (volunteering with Kiwanis), band, speech, cross country, National Honor Society
Humorous moment: I got locked in a zoo in Canada
One word to describe me: Volunteer 

4-H projects: 
Favorite 4-H memory: 
Other activities: 
Humorous moment: 
One word to describe me: 

4-H projects: Photography, food & nutrition, woodworking, home improvement, communication
Favorite 4-H memory: Presenting my educational presentations at the Iowa State Fair
Other activities: Band, cross-country, choir, track, student council, National Honor Society, drama, speech, church activities
Humorous moment: Racing dorm room desk chairs up and down the hallway at the Iowa State 4-H Conference
One word to describe me: Bubbly

4-H projects: Photography, food & nutrition, sewing & needle arts, dog, dairy cattle, communication
Favorite 4-H memory: Winning showmanship in dairy cattle for the first time
Other activities: Best Buddies, Republican's Club, Trapshooting
Humorous moment: My friend and I tried to do the sunflower seed-spitting contest and were beaten by all the guys who could spit well.
One word to describe me: Realistic

4-H projects: Bucket-bottle calf, market steers, breeding heifers, photography, and visual art
Favorite 4-H memory: Having my dance group move on to the State Fair share-the-fun
Other activities: Volleyball, track, dance at Studio E!, FFA, and county council
Humorous moment: Eating sawdust in the show ring when my steer got scared and took off
One word to describe me: Talkative

4-H projects: Beef, horse, swine, communication, child development, food & nutrition, welding, home improvement, photography, woodworking, music, wildlife
Favorite 4-H memory: When my autistic brother and I first started halter-breaking our 4-H cattle.  We were told to tie them up and ater them in a 5-gallon bucket for the first 2 days, so they were used to being tied up. But, my brother walked all of our cattle to the water after 5 hours of the cattle being tied up for the first time without any trouble.
Other activities: Livestock judging, track, cross country, band (pep, concert), color guard, YLC
Humorous moment: Fair "King" Contest where boys dress up like ladies
One word to describe me: Outgoing

4-H projects: Rabbits, communication, photography, visual art, leadership, clothing, swine
Favorite 4-H memory: I was the 2012 County Fair Queen and a little girl came up to me and asked if I was a areal princess and if she could try on my crown.  I explained who I really was, then she announced that she was the Jr. Miss.  It really helped me realize how much of a role model I was as an older 4-Her.
Other activities: I raise and show rabbits on the state and national level.  I am a photography blogger and avid reader
Humorous moment: At my first county fiar, my rabbit bit me while practicing for showmanship and I said I would never do showmanship again.  Now it is one of my favorite activities at teh State Fair and national contests.
One word to describe me: Ambitious


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