Meet Southeast State Council Members


4-H projects: Swine, beef, bucket bottle calf, woodworking, veterinary science, ag science, leadership, citizenship, communication

Favorite 4-H memory: Showing pigs at the county fair for the first time

Other activities: Football ELITE project team, FFA, group speech, peer helpers, SADD, church youth group

Humorous moment:  When my 4-H steer would stand by the feed bunk and wiggle back and forth

One word to describe me: Hard-working


4-H projects: Visual Arts, Horticulture, Woodworking, Child Development, Home Improvement, Sewing/ Needle Art

Favorite 4-H memory: Being crowed as the 2015 Johnson County Fair Princes! I loved attending the Queen’s Tea Party and meeting so many wonderful people.

Other activities: Cross Country, Track, Musical, Dance, Band, Choir, Jazz Choir, and Marching Band

One word to describe me: Outgoing


4-H projects: Sheep, Rabbits, Dog, Photography, Food and Nutrition, Mechanics, Visual Arts, Ag and Natural Resources, Horticulture, Woodworking, Tractor, Communications, Sewing, Science, Engineering and Technology

Favorite 4-H memory: I’ve went through 4-H thinking I would never get a trophy but then last year I ended up getting 2 trophies with my sheep and on with my rabbits all in the same day.

Other activities: Band, Tennis, NHS

Humorous moment: When I was a 4th grader and it was my first year showing sheep I took my lamb into the ring with a halter on backwards and left it that way the whole show.

One word to describe me: Dedicated


4-H projects: Poultry, Communications, Photography, Bucket Calf, Horticulture, Beef, Dairy, Goats and Working Exhibits

Favorite 4-H memory: My first year in 4-H I decided to do a communications project and moved on to presenting it at State Fair.

Other activities: Swimming, National Honor Society, FFA, County Council and Band

Humorous moment: It was my first year showing a cow and he decided to lay down in the ring. I had no idea what to-do!

One word to describe me: Passionate


4-H projects: Rabbits, Beekeeping, Communications, Swine, Food and Nutrition, Poultry, Consumer Management, Clothing, Visual Arts, and Self Determined

Favorite 4-H memory: When I received the 4-H Spirit Award because I received recognition for helping others and setting an example for other 4-H’ers.

Other activities: NHS

Humorous moment: Share the Fun performance that I did with four other 4-H’ers from my club. My two brothers pied another 4-H’er in the face while I was singing as part of the performance.

One word to describe me: Dynamic


4-H projects: Visual Arts, Food and Nutrition, Photography, Music and Home Improvement

Other activities: Band, Dance, Piano, FFA, NHS, Football and Wrestling Manager

One word to describe me: Energetic


4-H projects: Dairy, Photography, Home Improvement, Citizenship, Communications, Swine, Self-Determined, Food and Nutrition

Favorite 4-H memory: Showing my dairy calf at the Iowa State Fair

Other activities: County Council, Dance, Volleyball, Track, FFA, BPA, JOOI, Youth Group

Humorous moment: Wearing a giant logo around my County Fair

One word to describe me: Fun

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