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4-H projects: Horses, Dogs, Swine, Rabbits, Goat, Pet, Garden Plot, Working Exhibit, Educational Presentation, $15 Challenge, Clothing Selection, Cooking in Iowa, Decorators Show Case, Designer Show Case and Multiple Static Categories

Favorite 4-H memory: Going on the Minnesota trip where I was able to learn new leadership skills and meet new friends that I am still in tough with today

Other activities: Volleyball, Basketball, Cross County, Tennis, Band, FFA, NHS, Swim Team, Weightlifting, School Wellness Committee, Student, Senate, Church Activities, Clover Commissions, Speech, Drama, Dance Team, and Community Volunteer activities

Humorous moment: One time, my friend and I volunteered to clean up the water the high tunnel for out FFA chapter. We had just gotten off work at the pool so we were still in out swimsuits and we ended up having a mud and water fight. Later we found out the boys who were at the baseball field watched the whole time. 

One word to describe me: Ambitious


4-H projects: Sheep, Creative Arts, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences, Personal Development and Communication, Science, Engineering and Technology

Favorite 4-H memory: Winning my first sheep trophy for showmanship and market lambs. I have been showing at the county and state fair since I was in 4th grade

Other activities: Cross Country, Basketball, Golf, Band, FFA, Lifeguarding

Humorous moment: At State Fair when you show animals, it is expected that your lambs will be tame and cooperative. Well, I had a stubborn one and it actually got away from me in the ring in front of the crowed and judge…. How embarrassing!

One word to describe me: Determined


4-H projects: Clothing, Vet Science, Communications, Visual Arts, Photography, Child Development, Citizenship, Leadership, Consumer Management

Favorite 4-H memory: Hanging out at the Iowa State Fair with State Council friends

Other activities: Choir, Band, Cheerleading, Girl Scouts, Speech Contest

One word to describe me: Organized


4-H projects: Swine, Horse, Photography, Home Improvement, Food and Nutrition, Wood Working, Sheep, Creative Arts

Favorite 4-H memory: Making friends and having blast in the CWF trip

Other activities: Jazz Band, Tennis, Volleyball, NHS, Spanish Honor Society, TEAMS and Speech

Humorous moment: The day before the show, my goat figured out how to get out of its pen and I had to chase it all over the fairgrounds.

One word to describe me: Honest


4-H projects: Swine, Horse, Clothing, Photography, Sewing, Woodworking, Creative Arts, Food and Nutrition

Favorite 4-H memory: Meeting new people on CWF trip

Other activities: County Council, Jazz Band, Tennis, Volleyball, National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society

Humorous moment: A pig peed on my leg right before the show

One word to describe me: Enthusiastic


4-H projects: Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Goats (meat and dairy), Pigs, Dogs, Non-livestock (clothing, woodworking, food etc.)

Favorite 4-H memory: At the end of fair we would always have a water fight after load-out. Spending 12 plus hours a day at fair and getting no sleep.

Other activities: Basketball, Softball, Track, Iowa HS Radio, Speech, Band, National Honor Society, FCCLA

Humorous moment: My breeding heifer saw the barn and took off running and drug me behind he with the rope.

One word to describe me: Strong-willed


4-H projects: Photography, Food and Nutrition, Citizenship, Visual Arts

Favorite 4-H memory: Fist time my club and I presented Share the Fun at the State Fair

Other activities: Cross Country, Track, National Honor Society

Humorous moment: When I had to dress up as a judge and shove a pillow up my shirt and it fell out mid performance.

One word to describe me: Ambitious


4-H projects: Chickens, Horses, Sheep, Sewing, Child Development, Photography, Communications, Food and Nutrition, Home Improvement

Favorite 4-H memory: Attending National Congress in Atlanta

Other activities: FFA, Tennis, Football Statistician, Yearbook

Humorous moment: Sleeping in a lawn chair in the sheep barn at county fair

One word to describe me: Extrovert


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