Meet Northwest State Council Members

4-H projects: Beef, communication, food and nutrition, home improvement, citizenship, personal development
Favorite 4-H memory: Participating at the team fitting contest at Aksarben for several years.  It's given me a chance to do something fun with my friend and expand my skills.
Other activities: FFA, BPA, volleyball, track, student council, county council
Humorous moment: At the fair, one of our 4-H club members volunteered to let us groom his hair like a show steer, including adhesive and clippers!
One word to describe me: Dynamic

4-H projects:  Photography, visual arts, home improvement
Favorite 4-H memory: Pretty much every retreat on the 2012-13 council.  I made so many new friends and great memories!
Other activities: Cross country, swim team, track, student council, FFA, trapshooting, mentoring
Humorous moment: When my best friend and I were washing her pigs at the fair adn they got out, so we had to chase them around the grounds!
One word to describe me: Ambitious

4-H projects:
Favorite 4-H memory:
Other activities:
Humorous moment:
One word to describe me: 

4-H projects: Photography, personal development, clothing, food and nutrition, rabbits, communication
Favorite 4-H memory: Going on intermediate trips to Sioux Falls!
Other activities: Volleyball, basketball, speech, student council, FFA, lifeguarding
Humorous moment: When the female rabbit I was showing turned out to be a boy!
One word to describe me: Responsible

4-H projects:  Communication, leadership, citizenship, clothing, food and nutrition, home improvement, photography, horticulture
Favorite 4-H memory: Working at the Iowa State Fair
Other activities: Band, jazz band, choir, dance, play, musicals, speech, student government
Humorous moment: Hide and Seek and junior lock-in (2010)
One word to describe me: Outgoing

4-H projects: Woodworking, photography, leadership, citizenship
Favorite 4-H memory: Arriving in Ames in 8th grade for my first State 4-H Conference
Other activities: Chorus, FFA, FCA, speech, basketball, golf
Humorous moment: Setting my friend on fire and almost burning down the biology room by accident
One word to describe me: Energized

4-H projects: Photography, beef, horse, food and nutrition, family/heritage, woodworking, welding, robotics
Favorite 4-H memory: Making it to State Fair with my family/heritage project
Other activities: Baseball, basketball, football, track, soccer, youth group, band, vocal, FFA
Humorous moment: When my show steer got loose and out of hand at the fair
One word to describe me: Involved

4-H projects: Goats, dog, rabbits, home improvement, communications, citizenship
Favorite 4-H memory: When my golden retriever puppy did the stand for examination perfectly at the county show
Other activities: Band, choir, speech, drama, swimming, NHS
Humorous moment:  When the judge in my center tipped over the piano before I played my solo and half of it didn't work
One word to describe me: Conscientious

4-H projects: Consumer management, food and nutrition, citizenship, communications, leadership
Favorite 4-H memory: Attending National 4-H Congress this past November
Other activities: Volleyball, student council, speech
Humorous moment: When I was leading a workshop at our lock-in on making dirt cups.  I told the kids to hold the lid on the container and our other county council member wasn't listening and pudding went all over him.
One word to describe me: Energetic

4-H projects: Communications, beef, visual arts, leadership, citizenship
Favorite 4-H memory: Working at the State Fair
Other activities: Band, football, wrestling, speech, mock trial, play, student government
Humorous moment: When I met a girl from Missouri at Congress.  I got her phone number, but didn't remember her name.  So, I put her in my phone as "Missouri" and had to ask her her name later.

One word to describe me: Hardworking

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