Meet Northwest State Council Members


4-H projects: Photography, woodworking, Safety & Education in Shooting Sports

Favorite 4-H memory: Volunteering with Campustown Action Association and meeting new friends at state conference

Other activities: FFA, Bowling

Humorous moment: Falling down a hill at Mount Vernon while on a 4-H trip and trying to recollect myself in the process

One word to describe me: Ambitious

4-H projects: Photography, home improvement, visual art, leadership, citizenship, communication, Sewing, swine, rabbit, Clothing Event

Favorite 4-H memory: The Citizenship Washington Focus Trip! The whole week was a life-changing trip

Other activities: Band, choir, dance, cheer, youth group, Sunday school, county youth council, youth development committee, field commander, speech

Humorous moment: My first time showing hogs and my pig laid down and would not get up

One word to describe me: Creative

4-H projects: Food & nutrition, leadership, citizenship, communication, visual art, photography, horticulture, sewing & needle arts, home improvement

Favorite 4-H memory: Attending National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, GA! I met so many inspirational people and made life-long friends!

Other activities: Speech, dance, drama, band, choir, mini-dance marathon, student council, student body, National Honor Society

Humorous moment: A few years ago, my club decided to take our club photo on top of a tractor at the fair.  The picture was fine, but as I was getting off the tractor I fell and face-planted in front of my entire club and their parents

One word to describe me: Enthusiastic

4-H projects: Livestock, Share-the-Fun, woodworking, Pride of Iowa, citizenship

Favorite 4-H memory: Rolling up and attending my first 4-H Conference

Other activities: Student council, FFA, LYE, Boys' State Band, county council

Humorous moment: Accidentally riding my pig through the show ring at the fair

One word to describe me: Busy

4-H projects: Woodworking, welding, communication, citizenship, leadership, clothing, photography, food & nutrition, beef, visual art

Favorite 4-H memory: Beating my brother with my champion rate-of-gain calf that had dragged me around earlier in the day

Other activities: Band, choir, play, musical, mock trial, quiz bowl, CCD (church), adopt-a-highway, baseball, football, cross country

Humorous moment: Being dragged around by my champion rate-of-gain calf on show day

One word to describe me: Busy

4-H projects: Photography, communication, home improvement, visual art, dog

Favorite 4-H memory: Every year the county council puts on a chore Olympics and it's fun to watch the teams compete against each other to see who will win

Other activities: Mayor's Youth Commitssion, Teen Court, County Council, recognition team, and Mak a Wish

Humorous moment: One year when I was showing my dog, he was sat on by a larger dog during the show

One word to describe me: Outgoing


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