Meet Northwest State Council Members


4-H projects: Photography, beef, horse, food & nutrition, family heritage, woodworking, robotics, welding
Favorite 4-H memory: Making it to state fair with my family heritage project
Other activities: Baseball, basketball, track, football, soccer, youth group, FFA, vocal, band
Humorous moment: When my show steer got out of hand at the fair
One word to describe me: Involved

4-H projects: Rabbits, photography, home improvement, visual art, leadership, citizenship, personal development, communication
Favorite 4-H memory: The Citizenship Washington Focus trip to Washington, DC was absolutely amazing!  I met so many inspirational people and learned new ways to make an impact on the world around me.
Other activities: Band, choir, drama, dance team, archery, student council, National Honor Society
Humorous moment: I took some of my 4-H rabbits to my mom's first grade classroom and ended up trying to find a gentle explanation when they kept asking if my rabbit had "laid its Easter eggs yet?"
One word to describe me: Determined

4-H projects: Swine, clothing, food & nutrition, leadership, citizenship
Favorite 4-H memory: Getting to meet a bunch of new friends and seeing them at the State Fair or other places
Other activities: Cheerleading, dance, have a job in home health
Humorous moment: State council last year rooming with friends on the ISU campus
One word to describe me: Outgoing

4-H projects: Pride of Iowa, beef, clothing, communication, home improvement, photography, science & technology, share-the-fun
Favorite 4-H memory: Skiing with my 4-H club
Other activities: Boys drill team, jazz band, golf, swim team, soccer, swing choir, basketball, Interact, county council, church youth group
Humorous moment: My government teacher teaching me how to fight
One word to describe me: Happy

4-H projects: Woodworking, welding, communication, citizenship, leadership, clothing, photography, food & nutrition, beef, visual art
Favorite 4-H memory: Either being dragged by my champion rate-of-gain calf on show day or beating my brother in the ring with the same calf
Other activities: Band, choir, play, musical, mock trial, quiz bowl, CCD (church), adopt-a-highway, trumpet on Memorial Day, 4-H, baseball, football, wrestling
Humorous moment: I consider my favorite 4-H memory humorous
One word to describe me: Busy

4-H projects: Prospect calves, market beef, Scramble calf, sewing, photography, visual art, home improvement, goats, mechanics, woodworking, child development
Favorite 4-H memory: Attending the CWF trip this past summer. It was a great experience and I got to meet a ton of great people.
Other activities: Band, soccer, dance, choir, and archery
Humorous moment: When my roommates and I hid all of our CYC's fans on the hottest day of the 4-H Conference and shut her window!
One word to describe me: Creative

4-H projects: Photography, personal development, clothing, food and nutrition, rabbits, communication
Favorite 4-H memory: Going on intermediate trips to Sioux Falls!
Other activities: Volleyball, basketball, speech, student council, FFA, lifeguarding
Humorous moment: When the female rabbit I was showing turned out to be a boy!
One word to describe me: Responsible


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