Meet Northeast State Council Members

4-H projects: Clothing, swine, food & nutrition, communication, leadership, citizenship

Favorite 4-H memory: Going to National 4-H Conference
Other activities: Band, volleyball, student council, speech, tennis

Humorous moment: Getting yelled at in Spanish for skipping school in Spain

One word to describe me: Busy

4-H projects: Child development, citizenship, food & nutrition, sewing & needle arts, visual art

Favorite 4-H memory: Painting mailboxes as a service project at conference my freshman year

Other activities: Student council, volleyball, basketball, track, softball, speech/drama, band, chorus

Humorous moment: I was listening to music during computer class and un-knowingly shouted, "Look! It's Lady Gaga!"

One word to describe me: Outgoing

4-H projects: Citizenship, visual arts, home improvement, photography

Favorite 4-H memory: State Conference 2014--when I realized that I truly wanted to be on state 4-H council

Other activities: FCCLA, State VP of Families First, choir, band, drama, church youth group

Humorous moment: My best friend fed me fish as a joke on my 13th birthday--I'm extremely allergic to seafood

One word to describe me: Committed

4-H projects: Communication, clothing, leadership, citizenship, food & nutrition

Favorite 4-H memory: When I was dressed as a marshmallow for a working exhibit and now I have gained a new nickname for myself

Other activities: Large group speech, silver cord program, and Just for Kix dance team

Humorous moment: I would hide behind my mom and now I can talk all day to someone

One word to describe me: Outgoing

4-H projects: Photography, horse & pony, visual art, home improvement, food & nutrition, animal science, citizenship, and leadership, clothing, and communication

Favorite 4-H memory: Traveling to Washington, D.C. for the National 4-H Conference, meeting the people from all over North America, seeing the monuments during the Cherry Blossom Festival, and meeting President Obama

Other activities: Boy Scout (Eagle Scout), Horsemen of IOwa, teen council, student council, NISCA & POA horse shows, National Honor Society

Humorous moment: When my horse walls got TP'ed at the county fair

One word to describe me: Active

4-H projects: Beef, swine, horse, photography, food & nutrition, citizenship, communication, sewing & needle arts

Favorite 4-H memory: State Conference & showing livestock because it's such a great feeling after working hard all year

Other activities: FFA, journalism, Fairboard, county council

Humorous moment: I won swine showmanship when I was younger and the judge said he liked my nail polish so I thought nail polish was the secret to showmanship

One word to describe me: Independent

4-H projects: poultry, sheep, sewing & needle arts, food & nutrition, clothing, photography

Favorite 4-H memory: Going on the Chicago Awards Trip

Other activities: National Honor Society, track, play in church bell choir

One word to describe me: Considerate

4-H projects: Animal science, child development, communication, food & nutrition, photography, visual art, horticulture, Safety & Education in Shooting Sports

Favorite 4-H memory: Attending the Iowa State Fair, Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, and 4-H camp

Other activities: Band, volleyball, archery, trapshooting, softball, speech contest, ballroom dancing, art club, Future Educators of America, theater

Humorous moment: My brother being chased by his friend dressed up in a gorilla costume

One word to describe me: Imaginative

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