Meet Northeast State Council Members

4-H projects: Photography, Woodworking, Visual Arts, Child Development, Food and Nutrition, Fashion Revue, Leadership, sewing, Home Improvement

Favorite 4-H memory: Going to State Fair for the dress that I made and all the fun activities we did and all the new people I met

Other activities: Volleyball, Cheerleading, County Council

Humorous moment: I was doing headset at work (when you take orders) and I asked my mom if I could have her buy me a shake and what size. We both got some funny stories from people who heard us that night.

One word to describe me: Versatile


4-H projects: Child Development, Communications, Home improvement, Photography, Self-determined, Visual Arts, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition, Horticulture, Health and SESS

Favorite 4-H memory: Working the Iowa State Fair as a member of the 2015-2016 State 4-H Council

Other activities: FEA, IT, United, Art Club, Book Club, NHS, Speech, Band: Jazz, Concert, Marching, Trapshooting and Archery

Humorous moment: My brother was a camp counselor and he and another counselor scared a bunch of campers by dressing up in a gorilla costume and running out of the woods.

One word to describe me: Ambitious


4-H projects: Communications, Clothing, Leadership, Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Photography, Self-Betterment

Favorite 4-H memory: Being Selected for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 4-H State Council. Leaving me the chance to meet new people and experience more about 4-H.

Other activities: Just for Kix Dance Team, Decorah High School Vakge Group Speech and Silver Cord

Humorous moment: Doing a working exhibit “s’mores on a stick”

One word to describe me: Caring


4-H projects: Visual Arts, Home Improvement, Photography, Food and Nutrition

Favorite 4-H memory: 4-H Chicago Trip

Other activities: FCCLA, Band, TEC, Youth Group

Humorous moment: In 3rd grade I wrote a super passive-aggressive story about how I hated my “sister” … even though I don’t have a sister.

One word to describe me: Sassy


4-H projects: Woodworking, Communications, Cattle, Sheep, Citizenship, Technology

Favorite 4-H memory: The Worth County Fair

Other activities: County Council, Trap Shooting, Football, Wrestling, Track

Humorous moment: Sheep escaping from pen at the fair

One word to describe me: Awesome


Emily L.

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