Meet Central State Council Members

4-H projects: Communication, Sewing, Citizenship, Animal Science, Home Improvement, Consumer Management, Crop Production, Archery, Food, Photography

Favorite 4-H memory: Going to State 4-H Conference and doing Extemporaneous Speaking at the Iowa Stata Fair

Other activities: Cross County, Bowling, Soccer, County Council, Youth Trustee on 4-H Foundation Board, National Honor Society, Silver Cord, Student Ambassador, Iowa Youth Congress

Humorous moment: My shorts ripped at my 4-H meeting and I was so embarrassed.

One word to describe me: Ambitious


Hannah M.
4-H projects: Leadership, Communications, Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Photography, Visual Arts, Clothing, Personal Development, Home improvement and Agriculture

Favorite 4-H memory: Going to National 4-H Congress last November or being on State Council this past and not current year

Other activities: Soccer, Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Speech, Student Ambassador, Principals Council, National 4-H Congress

Humorous moment: Going to the “swinging bridge” at ore first state council retreat

One word to describe me: Outgoing


4-H projects: Organized Polk County Clover Dash 5K, Citizenship, Leadership, Communications

Favorite 4-H memory: Organizing the 5K and seeing my planning coming in to play

Other activities: Cross County, Track, National Honor Society, Environment Club

Humorous moment: The fun car rides with Tori and being stopped by the train

One word to describe me: Caring


Hannah P.
4-H projects: Poultry, Communications, Sewing and Needle Art, Photography, and Visual Arts

Favorite 4-H memory: County Fair my first year in 4-H. There was so much new and exciting to learn about and explore.

Other activities: Swim Team, Youth Group

One word to describe me: Friendly


4-H projects: Photography, Communications, Visual Art, Sewing and Cooking

Favorite 4-H memory: Camping with my 4-H club at the camp grounds in Madrid

Other activities: Speech, Art, Bound, Golf, Jazz and Theater

Humorous moment: Judging Clover Kids presentations and hearing them explain their projects

One word to describe me: Diplomatic


4-H projects: Communications, Dog, Horse, Photography, Poultry, Woodworking

Favorite 4-H memory: Having barn parties and water balloon fights during county fair

Other activities: Band, FFA, Volleyball, NHS

Humorous moment: During county fair we would sing and dance to Dora in the horse barn

One word to describe me: Bubbly


4-H projects: Citizenship, Leadership, Communication, Food and Nutrition, Photography, Visual Arts, Home-Improvement, Woodworking, Sewing, Family and Consumer Sciences and Clothing

Favorite 4-H memory: Playing card games in the friends in the Poultry Barn at Fair

Other activities: Tennis, Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Work, Show Choir, Plays and Musicals

Humorous moment: When my best friend accidentally broke my glasses and made me lose half my eyelashes

One word to describe me: Creative


4-H projects: Clothing, Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Sewing and Leadership

Favorite 4-H memory: 4-H Camp as a 4th grader, my first 4-H experience and I made a lot of friends

Other activities: Volleyball, Golf, Piano, Band, Choir

Humorous moment: Minute to Win It games at Awards Night

One word to describe me: Conscientious


4-H projects: SESS, Photography, Citizenship, Leadership, Environment and Sub stainability, Dog

Favorite 4-H memory: Attending CWF last June. Where I learned a wealth of new knowledge, made memories and met some of my best friends.

Other activities: Soccer, Rugby, FFA, Girls Scouts, Volunteer for Story County Conservation, Youth Group and Model CMV, FCA, Ducks unlimited, Birding

Humorous moment: Staying up until 2am at CWF and trying to write rap songs


4-H projects: Citizenship, Leadership, Rabbit, Photography, Food and Nutrition, Environment and Sustainability, Communications

Favorite 4-H memory: Hanging out in the rabbit barn and talking to people about rabbits

Other activities: Band, Choir, Track, Volleyball, Spring Play, Tri-M, Soupier Rabbit Committee, IHPA

Humorous moment: All the kids were playing in the poop piles and my mom wouldn’t let me

One word to describe me: Persistent


4-H projects: Photography, Food and Nutrition, Visual Arts, Clothing, Crop Production, Home Improvement, Citizenship, Leadership, Sewing and Communications

Favorite 4-H memory: The Chicago Award Trip and the Blue Man Group Show

Other activities: Volleyball Manager, Basketball, Golf, Youth Group, Choir, Speech, Plays and Musicals

One word to describe me: Joyful







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