Meet Central State Council Members

4-H projects:
Favorite 4-H memory: 
Other activities:
Humorous moment:
One word to describe me:

4-H projects: Food and nutrition, horse, rabbit
Favorite 4-H memory: Being on Teen Council
Other activities: Teen Council, Intermediate Council
One word to describe me: Crazy

4-H projects: Dog obedience, woodworking, photography, heritage, and science & engineering
Favorite 4-H memory: I took "Fredrick", my metal sculpture to the Iowa State Fair
Other activities: FFA, student council, church, Boy Scouts--I just completed my Eagle Scout service project
One word to describe me: Creative

4-H projects: Citizenship, communication, food & nutrition, clothing, visual art, home improvement
Favorite 4-H memory: Volunteering at the State Fair
Other activities: Band, jazz band, cross country, FCCLA, National Honor Society, piano, honor jazz
Humorous moment: I got to pie my sister in the face during the "Pie in the Face" fundraiser for 4-H'ers for 4-H 

4-H projects: Communication, leadership, food & nutrition, photography, rabbits, horticulture, visual art, woodworking, natural resources
Favorite 4-H memory: During the Chicago trip--A Blue Man came up to my friend who was one seat away and him throw candy into his mouth.  He then spat it into my friend's hand.
Other activities: Cheerleading, chorus, show choir, jazz, vocal, dance, marching band, pep band, drama, speech, NHS, teaching Sunday school
Humorous moment: At show choir, an ongoing joke is that I fall...ALL THE TIME! So, at our last contest, I was bragging about how I didn't fall the whole season. Halfway through the show I was walking off stage and face-planted.
One word to describe me: Quirky

4-H projects: Photography, citizenship, leadership, food & nutrition, sheep
Favorite 4-H memory: Serving on the 2013-14 state 4-H council
Other activities: Band, jazz band, choir, Chamber Choir, show choir, cross country, National Honor Society, Student Leadership Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, FCCLA  
Humorous moment: Partying all school day when our class became seniors
One word to describe me: Enthusiastic 

4-H projects: Clothing, food & nutrition, health, communication, home improvement
Favorite 4-H memory: Events at the county fair and the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference
Other activities: Band, marching band, cross country, track, and student council
Humorous moment: Whenever I'm working at the drive thru at work I accidentally yell into the headset at the customers because I always forget to turn the headset off.
One word to describe me: Dedicated

4-H projects: Citizenship, food and nutrition, dog, rabbits, communication, leadership, horse, sheep, goats, wildlife, home improvement
Favorite 4-H memory: The first time I showed rabbits.  It was a new and kind of scary experience, but I loved it.
Other activities: Band, vocal, musical, speech, volleyball, track, spring play
Humorous moment: Watching my friend run his first mile in track and his face was priceless when he got second
One word to describe me: Active

4-H projects: Dog, photography, food & nutrition, self-determined, leadership, citizenship, visual art
Favorite 4-H memory: As a junior dog project leader, watching the handlers and their dogs have success at the dog show
Other activities: Yearbook staff, dance marathon, student council, Sunday school teacher, Vacation Bible School teacher, Relay for Life
Humorous moment: Watching current and prospective 4-Hers play "Minute to Win It" games at the 4-H pep rally
One word to describe me: Determined


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