Meet Central State Council Members

4-H projects: Citizenship, food and nutrition, dog, rabbits
Favorite 4-H memory: My favorite 4-H memory is getting to sit in the rabbit barn answering questions and letting kids pet my rabbits.
Other activities: Volleyball, track, musical theatre, choir, band, church choir
Humorous moment: The time when I first played King of the Hill after cleaning the horse barns at the end of fair.
One word to describe me: Musical


4-H projects: Food and nutrition, woodworking, clothing, photography, citizenship, leadership
Favorite 4-H memory:  My favorite memory was volunteering in the 4-H Building almost all of last year's State Fair.
Other activities:  Swim team, golf team, Bethel Youth Group, RVP 1875 apprenticeship
Humorous moment: When a confused you 4-H'er though my mom was a "special person".
One word to describe me: Involved


4-H projects: Food and nutrition, horse, rabbit
Favorite 4-H memory: Being on Teen Council
Other activities: Teen Council, Intermediate Council
One word to describe me: Crazy


4-H projects: Citizenship, photography, woodworking, food and nutrition
Favorite 4-H memory: Having my Springerle be taken to the State Fair
Other activities: Dance, piano
Humorous moment: Falling down while roller skating at my club's winter activity
One word to describe me: Inspired


4-H projects: Communications
Favorite 4-H memory: Gaining confidence from communications


4-H projects: Communications, clothing, leadership, photography, citizenship, food and nutrition, visual arts, consumer management, child development, home improvement, cat, music
Favorite 4-H memory: My favorite memories are from attending National 4-H Congress.
Other activities:
Band, jazz band, vocal, student council, church, speech, musical, piano, choir, spring play, teaching a children's bell group
Humorous moment:
I put socks and shoes on my cat when I dressed her up as the character Madeline for the cat costume class.
One word to describe me: Evanescent


4-H projects: Visual arts, textiles and clothing, photography, self-determined, food and nutrition, home improvement, horticulture
Favorite 4-H memory: My favorite memory is going to Hickory Park for our Intermediate Council fun day.

Other activities: Teen council, Intermediate Council, president of my club
Humorous moment: When our intermediate council went out to Hickory Park and our waitress spilled food on me and my friend's Mountain Dew.

One word to describe me:

4-H projects: Beef, dog, photography, food and nutrition, home improvement, visual arts, animal science
Favorite 4-H memory: Tieing my brother for "Top Rate of Gain" beef
Other activities: FBLA, cross country, basketball, track, football manager
Humorous moment: Face planting after doing a bat spin
One word to describe me: Stubborn

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