2016-2017 State 4-H Council

The Iowa State 4-H Council is composed of approximately 40 energetic and positive high school juniors and seniors who act as ambassadors for 4-H.  One of their major responsibilities is planning the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference held in Ames, Iowa every June. 

Members are selected from their extension areas through an application and interview process. The youth meet 4 times during the year at the State 4-H Camping Center. They get to know each other through team building activities, plan conference, promote 4-H, help to ensure funding for 4-H programs, and form friendships that last a lifetime.

The Iowa State 4-H Council members also serve as ambassadors for 4-H, often meeting with county councils and 4-H groups in their local areas. The State Fair, state 4-H events, and leadership workshops also keep the council active.


Iowa 4-H Youth Conference Committee

Dates for 2017:  June 27-29, 2017

Theme: Start Your Future Here

Iowa 4-H Youth Conference website with registration information

Members of the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference Steering committee coordinate the efforts of state council in partnership with the State 4-H Youth Development staff to plan, conduct, and evaluate the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference.  The conference is held at ISU.

Two members of this committee serve as Conference Co-Chairs. They rotate among all sub-committees to help keep communication moving. They are responsible to lead the meetings of the steering committee and work with the State advisor to develop the agenda for the meetings. They facilitate the reporting back of all sub-committees so that the total council can make decisions.

The chairs for each sub-committee (education, opening/closing, recreation, conference promotion, service, and registration, food, housing) are selected from the steering committee. Every council member will serve on a sub-committee. The chairs will be sure tasks are delegated to committee members and be sure committee work is being accomplished between meetings.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Challenge every committee member to look at new ways to design conference. 
  • Evaluate the previous conference to determine strengths and weaknesses of that conference.
  • Establish the goals and objectives for the conference.
  • Provide coordination of all the sub-committees-monitor scheduling of events, work shifts, etc. to insure a smooth running conference.
  • Make recommendations to Council and the State 4-H Youth Development staff for rules, behavior expectations and other general issues related to conference.
  • Facilitate the decision-making process for conference issues such as: theme, other states to invite to conference, orientation needs, former council invitations, t-shirt and shorts color selection, etc.
  • Formulate budget request to the finance committee for support of conference.
  • Other responsibilities as identified based on theme and schedule.

Marketing Committee

Opportunities Beyond the County

Members of the Promotion Committee for State 4-H Council are responsible for making 4-H visible across the state. This committee can build on the work started by previous councils and/or implement their own promotional campaign. In some cases, the promotion committee will have to train other council members to carry out the action plan. Committee members should expect to work on assignments between retreats. Extension communications staff will provide assistance.

At least one member from each area should be represented on the promotion committee. Members select a chair or co-chairs to represent the group and oversee committee assignments.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Develop promotional campaign for the year including activities for county fairs, Iowa State Fair, National 4-H Week, Make a Difference Day, etc.
  • Write press releases, newsletter articles, and radio scripts to promote 4-H and the work of the State 4-H Council.
  • Assign county responsibilities to council members so that all areas of the state stay informed of council activities.
  • Develop statewide system for delivering information (e.g., Web page, newsletter)
  • Support state or national promotion efforts (e.g., 3 % Growth Goal)
  • Build on the successful efforts of previous councils (e.g., powerpoint presentation)

Finance Committee

4-H'ers for 4-H Information

4-H'ers for 4-H PPT

Members of the Finance committee work as liaisons between the State 4-H Council and the Iowa 4-H Foundation. At least one member from each area should be represented. Foundation staff members serve as advisors to the committee.

All members can apply to become a representative on the Foundation Board of Directors. Candidates for this position must be willing to serve on the board for two years. Time commitment requires attendance at two board meetings each year and active participation on one of the Foundation committees.

Two members serve as committee co-chairs. Co-chairs will oversee the work of the finance committee and delegate tasks to the members. Teamwork and responsibility are key to a successful committee. Members should be prepared to do work between retreats and meet deadlines established by the Foundation staff.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Develop and monitor the annual budget for the State 4-H Council
  • Recruit new 4-H 400 and 1000 donors with help of all council members.
  • Set goal for the council contribution to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.
  • Conduct annual 4-H'ers for 4-H Campaign.
  • Select theme.
  • Set goals for clubs and the campaign.
  • Design campaign materials.
  • Recognize top clubs at conference.
  • Serve on the Foundation review committees for program grants and financial aid.
  • Work at the Foundation booth during the Iowa State Fair.
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