Iowa 4-H Camera Corps

4-H Camera Corps is for 4-H members who desire challenges to expand their photography skills. Working independently, participating 4-H'ers identify local photo opportunities to tell a story with photographs about the chosen theme. Nationwide Agribusiness sponsors 4-H Camera Corps to support 4-H members in improving their creative skills.

The theme for 2013 is "Interpretation and Illustration". Morgan Grayce Willow, poet and essayist, has provided four poems for use with the 4-H Camera Corps theme. Your task - read and then interpret and illustrate the poems with your photographs. We're looking for the extraordinary, not the usual, as you create and select your photos.

This theme will challenge your creative abilities in choosing photos to illustrate the written work of someone else. What photographs - not snapshots - will your create to tell the story of the poems?

The application form and additional information is listed below. 4-H members who participate will submit photos for review, have access to the expertise of photographer Tim Florer, and will have their photos considered for selection in future publications and exhibitions. Consider saying "Yes" to participating in 4-H Camera Corps. Applications are due May 1, 2013 and the first photo submissions will be due May 15.   



Night shooting

  • First-read your camera manual, it may have settings programed in for night shots.
  • Set ASA to 100 for fireworks, 200 for indoor lights and night scenes.
  • open F-stop to max,like 4.5, that lets more light in.
  • Try shutter speed of 2 seconds,1 second,1/2 second,1/4 second-see what looks the best.


Have your digital camera set to the highest resolution!  This makes it possible to enlarge photos without reducing quality. (Minimum 300dpi)

Photos can be horizontal or vertical this year.

Applications due May 1, 2013

First photo submission due May 15, 2013

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