Project Leader

Starting with the club or group, volunteers make everything happen. Club volunteers provide overall leadership to club or group organization, overseeing the structure and operation and serving as the club’s contact with Extension staff and other 4-H volunteers. Project and activity volunteers help members plan and conduct projects and group activities. Sometimes a project volunteers assists with clubs that are organized around one project area and sometimes a project volunteer assists youth interested in a specific project area but the youth belong to a club with members interested in many different project areas. A good example is a horse project club - where the entire focus of the club is on horses.

Project Leader


Club volunteers help with tasks that take place repeatedly throughout the year and with tasks that can be completed in a short time period. There are roles working directly with 4-H’ers and others that support the club behind the scenes. The most successful clubs encourage each member’s family to take on volunteer roles, each contributing what it can in a unique way.



To help youth develop life skills and help youth learn skills and information about a specific project

4-H Needs Caring Adults to

  • Plan and prepare for project meetings or workshops, which utilize experiential learning through workshops, field trips, audio/video resources, guest speakers, teaching kits, computers, or other learning tools. Coordinate these activities with the club leader for club level activities or Extension staff for county level activities.
  • Encourage youth to use project materials and research based information.
  • Be familiar with 4-H rules, policies and guidelines. Adhere to guidelines and due dates for enrollments, registrations, animal ID’s, and entries.
  • Involve members in activities which teach life skills; communication, leadership, decision-making, coping with change, developing a positive self-concept, learning how to learn, and record keeping. Encourage youth to share what they have learned with others.
  • Inform members of and encourage participation in other 4-H opportunities related to the project, such as Animal Science Round-Up, county or state workshops, and project awards.
  • Participate in appropriate volunteer training.
  • Encourage and assist members with record keeping on project work.
  • Arrange for appropriate supervision during project activities.
  • Communicate with Extension staff about club progress.
  • Delegate as many responsibilities as you can to older members, teen leaders, parents, project leaders, club helpers, and others. The more people involved the better.

Qualifications/Skills Needed

  • Successfully pass through Child Protection and Safety Policy screening process
  • Interest in helping youth and ability to communicate with youth and adults.
  • Ability to organize, plan, and coordinate experiential learning experiences.
  • Ability to delegate responsibilities to others.
  • Knowledge and skills in specific project area.
  • Ability to motivate, direct and evaluate.


  • Access to Iowa State University and Iowa State University Extension Staff.
  • Extension agrees to provide orientation and training that will help the volunteer meet the needs of youth.
  • Regular communication about youth and adult opportunities, policies and programs.
  • Project materials and other educational resources.

Responsible to and receives counsel and guidance from

  • County 4-H Staff
  • 4-H Youth Program Specialist

Length of Commitment

  • Minimum of one year, renewable annually.
  • Commitment depends on time volunteer is willing to devote to this leadership role.


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