4-H Clubs

Group Activity

Learn by doing with your friends in a fun and safe setting.  Do you have a hobby or an interest that you would like to learn about?  Photography, stargazing, running, cake decorating, model trains, remote control airplanes, knitting, etc. …Do you enjoy being with your friends? Join a 4-H club where you can learn about your interests while having fun, improving your communication skills, and serving your community.

4-H Clubs are both general in nature where 4-Hers learn about many different topics and work together share their learning. They can also be focused on topics the include chef clubs, gardening, flowers, robotics, astronomy, horses, computers, and many others. The limit is your imagination. Contact your county extension office to find out about clubs in your county.

4-H Club Guide

Tips for Conducting Club Meetings: This publication focuses on meeting structure, engaging youth, fun activities to try with your club, the roles of officers, setting boundaries for youth and how to use positive discipline. (PDF)

Charters-The Key to Official Recognition: 4-H Charters are provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and signed by the Secretary of Agriculture’s designated representative. Learn more about this process here. (PDF)

Counties wanting a Charter certificate for a club should contact mklitzel@iastate.edu at the State 4-H Office and request a charter.  The following information is needed:

  • county name
  • club name
  • month & year club was formed

Vibrant 4-H Clubs: This brochure covers 4-H club best practices, 4-H resources, and group decision making methods. (PDF)

Pre-meeting Activities: This document contains a list of activities you can try when working with youth to keep them engaged and to promote a sense of belonging and inclusiveness in the club. (PDF)


Find community partners to help with your club.

Have a fun recruitment event to get people to join your club.

Howard County 4-H’ers share tips for 4-H officers in the PowerPoints below.  Parliamentary Procedure is not required for 4-H clubs, but these presentations can be very helpful for new officers and good reminders for experienced officers and leaders about the duties of these offices.

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