DuPont Pioneer Seed Grant for Iowa 4-H Club Community Improvement Projects

4-H Service  ProjectThe objective of these grants is to stimulate local 4-H clubs in Iowa to plan and carry out community improvement activities by providing “seed money” needed to make the projects successful.

Funding has been secured to offer DuPont Pioneer Seed Grants for the 2016-17 4-H year.

  • Applications are due to County Extension and Outreach Offices by Jan. 17, 2017, then forward to State 4-H Office no later than Jan. 31, 2017.
    • Decision letters should be sent by mid-April
    • If awarded, checks from the Iowa 4-H Foundation will be enclosed with the letter

Award letters will explain needed Report details. Reports for 2016-2017 awarded grants are due to the county Extension office no later than Oct 2, 2017. County Extension officies should mail reports to the State 4-H Office.

DuPont Pioneer Seed Grant Information for Iowa 4-H Club Community Improvement Projects

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