Partnership Training

Grow 4-H
This ten week on-line Professional Development Opportunity is designed to help step staff through the process of developing partnerships that will grow 4-H clubs.  This toolkit and training will take you through basic information about understanding the process, researching potential partners, planning and convening meetings, assessing the viability, training and managing the partnership, securing resources and evaluating the partnership.  

Course Content

Week 1:  Complete the online registration process and pre-course activities
Week 2: Live Webinar: Introduction to the Course (Tuesday, january 28, 12:30-2:00 PM CST)  Complete the modules "Introduction to the Course" and "Understand the Partnership Development Process"
Week 3:  Complete the module "Know Your Organization"
Week 4:  Complete the module "Research Potential Partners"
Week 5:  Catch-up and/or respite
Week 6:  Complete the modules "Plan the Partnership meeting" and watch/read the introduction to "Assess the viability of the Partnership"
Week 7:  Live Webinar: Assess the viability of the Partnership (Tuesday, March 4, 12"30-2"00 PM CST) Complete the module "Establish and Manage the Partnership"
Week 8:  Complete the modules "Secure Resources" and "Train and Support Partners"
Week 9:  Complete the module "Evaluate the Partnership"
Week 10:  Respite & Wrap-up
Week 11:  Complete the Course Evaluation
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Judith Levings (retired)
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