Why 4-H

The Iowa 4-H Youth Development Program provides opportunities for youth to develop skills they can use now and throughout their life.  Iowa 4-H builds upon a century of experience as it fosters positive youth development that is based on the needs and strengths of youth, their families, and communities.

Iowa 4-H follows the principles of experiential learning and draws on the knowledge base of Iowa State University and other institutions of higher education in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture.  The Iowa 4-H Program's vision and mission statements clearly view youth as partners working with caring adults, and as full participants in planning and working for individual and community change.

Vision: Preparing Iowa’s youth to be successful, contributing members of society.

Mission: 4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential through youth-adult partnerships and research-based experiences.

The Iowa 4-H Program's vision and mission statements clearly view youth as partners working with staff and volunteers, and as full participants in planning and working for individual and community change.

Quotes from Iowa 4-H'ers

I orginally joined 4-H because I desperately wanted to be in the dog show.  After joining I realized all of the things I could do as a 4-Her.  As soon as I saw the photography department, I immediately gravitated toward it.  I've gotten pretty good at it and have now decided to photography as a career. - Mic, Woodbury County, Age 13

4-H is all about learning, it teaches us about leadership and citizenship.  The activities are vast and amazing!  My parents were in 4-H, my mothers parents wer in 4-H!  School is great, but 4-H really taught me more life skills, working with others, self discipline.  I can't stop saying how wonderful 4-H is, it had made me who I am, the opportunities are great! - Autumn, Boone County, Age 19

4-H has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  All of my family has been involved in 4-H.  I grew up attending our local county fair and the Iowa State Fair and helping my olders siters with their 4-H livestock projects.  I couldn't wait until I was finally old enought to join 4-H and be able to have my own projects!  4-H is an awesome organization and something my entire family strongly supports and believes in.  4-H has taught me many life skills such as leadership, citizenship, communication, and community service.  I have met many great youth and adults through my 4-H involvement. - Logan, Washington County, Age 15

The 4-H program has been in my family for four generations and was something I always wanted to do! - Jayme, Mills County, Age 18

I've been in 4-H since the 4th grage.  I've enjoyed going to our club meetings, participating in community parojects with other 4-Her's attending the county and state fairs and learning to grow and improve my 4-H projects each year. - Jasmine, Louisa County, Age 16

I choose to participate in the 4-H program at first because my mom and dad were 4-Her's and loved it.  I have remained active in 4-H because it is the only orgaization that you get to have friends of all ages, you get to choose your own project areas and you have many new opportunities to grow through communication, citizenship, and leadership. - Mikayla, Monona County, Age 14

It's a good way to get involved in my community and to meet new people.  I love expressing my talents and showing them at the fair.  4-H has been really good in furthering my strengths. - Anna Jo, West Pottawattamie County, Age 17

I chose to participate in 4-H because it is a tradition in my family.  I've only ever heard good things about 4-H and I enjoy it so much.  Choosing to be in 4-H was a great decision for me. - Kelsey, Bremer County, Age 16

I enjoy meeting new people and taking exhibits to the fair. - Courtney, Cerro Gordo County, Age 17

I chose to participate in 4-H because I wanted to meet new people and help my community.  I also wanted to work on my leadership skills. - Thad, Appanoose County, Age 10

My mom grew up in 4-H and is now our CYC.  4-H is a lot of fun and I've gotten to do a lot of really neat things - raise and show rabbits, show my dog, learn to cook, and make crafts and go to Jr. Camp, Omaha Zoo and ISU BB game. - Amy, Wayne County, Age 12

I joined 4-H because I thought it would be a good way to have fun with my friends, but also learn how to do new things I chose to be in 4-H because all the rest of my family is involved.  I especially like the social events - fair, guest speakers, and meeting new people. - Emily, Tama County, Age 13

All my older sisters were in 4-H and I joined because they were in it.  As I grew older and became active on the county level I really enjoyed the activities and friends! - Matt, Webster County, Age 18

I enjoy learning new things.  I enjoy the friends I have in my club. - Ericka, Union County, Age 13

I love participating in 4-H because you are constantly trying new things and meeting new people. - Isaac, Winneshiek County, Age 12

I have been in 4-H for the past 10 years and there is always something new to do in 4-H.  It has helped me grow as a person and develop skills for my future. - Bethany, Iowa County, Age 18

I chose to participate in 4-H because I wanted to raise and show cattle.  After I was in 4-H for few years I decided to try my hand at other projects.  This is my fourth year in SMA projects and I enjoy the variety. I enjoy working with others and helping others escpecially younger 4-Her's. - Kyle, Washington County, Age 17

I like to be with my friends and meet new friends.  I like getting to learn new life skills help others in our community.  I like being a part of the fair to show what I have learned. - Nicole, Scott County, Age 14

I chose to participate in 4-H because I knew it would be a fun organization that I could participate in that would allow me to do extra things I couldn't do in school.  4-H turned out to much more than that!  I elarned so many great lifew skills through 4-H It taught me how to be responsible, a good leader, a good community member and all around a better person while I had tons of fun doing it!  It also help me discover new things about myself. - Marissa, Iowa County, Age 18

I'm glad I did photography because it showed me what I was good at and now photography is what I am going to school for and what I want for a career. - Marissa, Iowa County, Age 18

I chose to participate in the 4-H program because it is fun.  I have made lost of new friends.  I learn a lot.  I love showing my animals, and I have learned a lot of communication skills I will need when I get older. - Sophia, Des Moines County, Age 12

I chose to participate in 4-H because it is a good learning experience.  Being in 4-H I learn new communication skills, leadership skills, responsibility skills, and work ethic skills.  4-H is a way to try new things and meet new people.  4-H has helped me be more involved a the county level, area level, and state level.  - Michelle, Cass County, Age 17

I chose to participate in the 4-H program after walking through the county fair 4-H exhibit building.  I wanted an opportunity to learn in project areas and participate with a club. - Anna, Muscatine County, Age 15

I love being creative and finding new ways to show hidden talents.  It's such a great experience and you learn valuabel lessons.  - Emily, Harrison County, Age 15

I chose to be in 4-H because I thought it looked fun.  4-H gets involved in community projects and that has made me more aware of how imporatn volunteering is.  4-H also gives me an opportunity to create projects and expand my abilities.  - Katie, Clinton County, Age 15

I chose to join 4-H because I wanted to meet new people and learn how to do new things.  I also like going to see new places and camps.  It just is FUN!  I also learn new skills and have learned to become a more responsible citizen. - Amanda, Delaware County, Age 12

There are many opportunities that you wouldn't normally have, meet new people/make new friends, learn new things you wouldn't know if you weren't in 4-H, and learn how to be responsible in being in a club. I had to choose between boy scouts and 4-H and I chose 4-H; I wanted to get a chance to go to the State Fair.  - Danielle, Wright County, Age 11

The projects are fun to do.  I learn a lot at meetings, project fair, and other activities.  I get to do activities with my friends and be active in the community.  - Sydney, Adams County, Age 14

I chose to participate in the 4-H program because 4-H allows you to give back to your community.  By being involved in 4-H I got to improve the lives of others and I knew I was making a difference.  I also learned a lot about myself while meeting a lot of new and interesting people. - Shelby, Pottawattamie County, Age 18

I'm in 4-H because I like to take projects to the fair.  - Sara, Jones County, Age 15

I chose to participate in the fair and 4-H program overall, so I could learn new things, meet new people, enter my best work in the fair and most of all, HAVE FUN!! - Anna, Iowa County, Age 14

4-H teachs you life skills, leadership and how to become a better persons.  It also lets you particapate in camps and conferences that teach you these things.  I have gone to the state conference at ISU and photography camp in Madrid.  - Celeste, Iowa County, Age 16

I wanted to expand my leadership and communication skills.  I really enjoy my farm animals and wanted to show them at the county fair.  I thought that joining 4-H would give me the chance to show off my skills.  - Hayden, Montgomery County, Age 12

It's a family tradition.  I enjoy learning about my project area, meeting new people, and making a difference in my community.  Showing cattle is what I like doing best.  My family raises cattle, so this is one way I can be part of our bussiness and get started on my own herd.  - Nathan, Woodbury County, Age 14

I really like sewing. I saw a wall hanging and I decided that I wanted to englarge the pattern and make a lap quilt out of it!  - Melissa, Clayton County, Age 15

My older brother is in 4-H and really like it so I thought I would give it a try.  I have had a fun time and have learned a lot!  - Robert, Montgomery County, Age 12

I wanted to become a better leader and role model to others in my school and community.  - Ben, Iowa County, Age 17

It seemed like fun and I wanted to participate in the fair and improve on the things I entered in the fair.  I picked up photography in 4-H and wanted to improve on picture taking over time. - Allison, Linn County, Age 12

Participating in the 4-H program has been a family tradition as my parents, borther, and sister were all past 4-H members.  I noticed all of the fun activities they were participating in, as well as what they were learning.  When I was old enough I joined4-H and have created many amazing memories I will cherish forever! 4-H has helped me grow into the fun and outgoing person I am today!  - Merrissa, Plymouth County, Age 15

The summer before I entered the 4th grade, I attended a library program in my hometown on Remsen.  The library program that day had a speaker and some older kids that were involved in 4-H and they were promoting 4-H in our county (Plymouth).  After listening to them and the fun they were having with 4-H, I thought this might be for me.  At that time I was in Boy Scouts and my scout group was getting pretty small in numbers.  So before school started that fall, I talked with my parents about eliminating Boy Scouts and joining a 4-H group.  I'm now a 6th grader and I have been in 4-H for 2 years now and really enjoy everything about it! It has been really fun so far and I love the 4-H experience! - Jordan, Plymouth County, Age 11

I joined 4-H in 4th grade because my older brother and sister were members.  I liked helping them with their livestock projects.  I stayed in 4-H because of the opportunities to develop my leadership, citizenship and communication skills and because I love to work with and show livestock.  - Brent, Calhoun County, Age 17

It is a great opportunity to meet all sorts of people of all ages and backgrounds with the same interests as you. - Michelle, Delaware County, Age 18

I knew several older people who were already involved and they would always talk about how much fun it was and all the great opportunities 4-H had to offer.  I wanted to meet people from my county and be involved in this wonderful program! - Danielle, Mills County, Age 17

My mom told me about what she did in 4-H and it sounded like fun so I decided to join! - Carlee, Des Moines County, Age 12

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