Shooting Sports Activities and Events

Shooting Sports Activities and Events

The Iowa 4-H Shooting Sports Program provides activities at all levels throughout the state to meet our overall goal to “empower youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership with a caring adult through a shooting sports related activity.”  4-H members participate in their county or regional programs to develop as shooters and individuals and get the opportunity to participate on a larger scale as they become more proficient.  Currently, many counties and regions collaborate to offer fun shoots and competition for these individuals.  Contact your county Extension office for further details. 

Summer and Winter Postal Events - 4-H members shoot within their county programs, and scores are submitted over the course of the specific season. 

Iowa 4-H Shooting Sports State Match – annual event that is open to all 4-H Shooting Sports members in Iowa to compete in the disciplines within the program.  Included in these events are communication and exhibit options that allow 4-H members to reach across other project areas to enrich their shooting sports experience.

Iowa 4-H Shooting Sports National Invitational Team qualification - Team members participate at the National 4-H Shooting sports Invitational held annually at various locations across the country, providing our youth with a high interest in competition and giving them an opportunity to develop other valuable life skills while competing at the highest level.

Interested in being a certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor?  Each year the Iowa 4-H Shooting Sports Program sponsors a certification program for volunteers who wish to become involved or start a shooting sports club in their county.  Topics covered during the training range from safe shooting practices and youth development principles to hands-on instruction and actual shooting activities.  Instruction comes from our nationally certified instructors who are fellow 4-H shooting sports instructors in Iowa.  These trainings have received tremendous reviews, and we encourage you to attend! 

The calendar below lists details of these events as they become available.  If counties sponsor SESS events that are open to youth in other counties and want these events included in the calendar, send the information to Patty Gibler (

Upcoming Events

4-H Shooting Sports Youth 2016 Summer Postal Match.

Registration is now open


May 1, 2016 - August 31, 2016

Various Counties in Iowa


Rules for Summer Postal


4-H Shooting Sports State Match

  to be arranged






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