Project Helpers

To begin your 4-H adventure, start looking at the many project areas that 4-H has to offer. You may choose one or more projects from more than 45 different areas. There is a 4-H project for everyone! Projects are fun to do alone and with your friends.
Think about:

  • An interest you’d like to explore
  • A hobby you’d like to learn more about
  • A topic of interest shared by you and your family
  • Something that is fun for you

Remember to select projects that you can get help with from your:

  • parents/guardian
  • grandparents
  • friends
  • other 4-H members

Work with your parents/guardian and leader to select your 4-H projects. Let’s say you want to learn how to take a photograph, feed a dog, build a birdhouse, or plant a garden. When you learn those skills, you also learn life skills such as:

  • how to make decisions and set goals
  • how to get organized
  • how to keep records
  • how to work with others

The other part of the 4-H experience is club meetings, where you learn:

  • how to be a group member
  • how to speak in front of a group
  • how to work together on projects
  • how to be a good citizen

4-H is full of fun times to work and play with others, including community service projects, club trips and activities, and camps.
All these skills can help you as you go through school and beyond. For many 4-H’ers, an interest they have in certain 4-H project areas will lead to future careers.
Start by finding 4-H project areas that are of interest to you. The contact your county ISU Extension Office to become enrolled in the project areas. Then start using your creativity to explore new ideas and create new projects.
When you click on each 6 main project areas in the left menu bar you will see the many different project areas you can explore in 4-H! Don't see anything that interests you? Then click on Personal Development and go to Self Determined to blaze your own trail!
4-H is all about helping you learn by doing, connecting you to the resources you need to explore and try new adventures! 4-H  provides you with opportunities to develop skills you can use now and throughout your life - and have FUN while doing it.
Check out the Project Hot Sheets and Exhibit Tip Sheets to learn more about the project areas and exhibition opportunities. And if you are looking for more beyond the Project Hot Sheets, check out all the curriculum available at the National Directory of 4-H Materials! Learning how to set goals is an important skill to gain. Check out this Goal Writing worksheet to learn about the three parts of a goal and how to set one. Want to turn your project work into an exhibit for the fair? Check out this worksheet title Setting Exhibit Goals!

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