Northwest Iowa Tech Team - Sac County Barn Quilts

By: NW Iowa 4-H Tech Team
Region: 6 - Sac

Goals and purpose:

Based on the request, Leeanne Pacatte of GISCorps K-12 team recruited Brandon Haas of NewCom Technologies, Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa and put him in contact with the ISU extension staff in October 2007. In November 2007, the 4-H'ers began discussing the project through utilizing webcast meetings with ISU Extension GIS Specialist, Alan Jensen and GISCorps' Brandon Haas. Two months later all of the needed equipment and volunteers were in place and they conducted a workshop on Saturday, January 28th, 2008.

What we did:

We developed a geospatial technologies project to provide useful information for a community that might impact economic growth. The county's new tourist attraction needed help with data gathering and processing. The 4-H youth benefited from learning about geospatial technologies and careers in a real-world project, and the county's communities benefited from having these historic barns mapped for tourists using GPS technology. This was an example of a terrific community partnership and a win-win situation for everyone."

The WOW factor:

Families and volunteers have already collectively invested over 180 hours in preparing and using GPS technology to secure each barn's data point. The technology savvy youth were also instructed in using GIS software to develop an internet based driving tour of the historic barns. Because of the 4-H Technology Team's work the printable paper map will soon come to life on the project's website. A survey was conducted after the event and the results of the survey can be viewed from .


Participants and volunteers grew in their knowledge and application of the GPS/GIS technology and increased skill of giving back to community.

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