Judging Tips

*Below are some common questions the judge may ask about you horticulture exhibit*

Questions for any level Horticulture member

-When choosing what vegetables to exhibit, why did you chose these?

-Do you have any tips or ideas to help me grow vegetables as good as yours?

-How can you tell when to harvest this vegetable?

-Did you grow your own plants, or did you buy the plants?

-Did you plant a seed, a bulb, or a  plant?

-What job do you dislike the most in the garden?

-What was your favorite thing you did with your garden?

-What do you do with left over produce?

-Do you like eating this vegetable?
   -If not, then why did you grow it?
   -If you do, how do you like to eat it?

-How did you prepare the soil for planting?

-What problems did you have growing your vegetables?

-How did you learn how to process your vegetables?

-How many green beans did you have to pick to get 6 that look alike?

-Is this hot pepper variety actually hot?


Take It Further

Questions for more advanced members

-What variety of vegetable do you have?

-Did you use any pesticides?

-How will this garden help you 10 years from now?

-How much money do you have in seeds?

-Did you add fertilizer, if so what did you use?

-Do you mulch? If yes, why add mulch around the plants?

-Do you have any space-saving ideas to grow this vegetable?

-How did you control any pests?

-Is this vegetable an annual or perennial?

-Why did you choose this variety over another?
(yellow onion over a purple onion)

-Does this vegetable like a cool or warm growing conditions?

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