Iowa State Fair 4-H Volunteer Descriptions

The 2013 Iowa State Fair is just around the corner! Below is a description of events and dates we need volunteers (and a few staff!) to help out!

Awardrobe Clothing Event

Dates:  August 15 & 16 in Ames. Memorial Union, Iowa State University

Duties: We are looking for three individuals who are energetic, organized and dependable to assist in the Awardrobe event! People assisting with this event will need to narrate the event as well as complete other tasks.

Bratney Companies 4-H Robotics Challenge

Dates: August 11-12

Duties: Record scores, set-up/tear-down, announce results and assist as needed.

Check-in & Check-out

Dates: Check-in: August 6th (8:00-5:00); Check-out: August 19th (7:00 PM-8:30 PM) & August 20th (9:00 AM- 12 PM)

Duties: Take exhibits to and from judges, watch for large objects entering, place and arrange exhibits, check-in or out counties.

Communications Events

Dates: August 8-18

Duties: Introduce judges and youth, prepare youth for presentations

Computer Assistant

Dates: August 6-8 (9:00 AM-4:00 PM)

Duties:  Computer data entry, type, input county exhibit summary, enter ribbon placings, sort evaluation forms.

Cook This! 4-H Culinary Challenge

Dates: August 9-10 (9:00-5:00)

Duties: coordinate the event, mentor teams, set-up and prepare supplys and other tasks as needed

Department Assistant

Dates: August 5-7

Duties: Assist with cleaning the department (Aug 5), displaying exhibits, attaching ribbons and preparing the department for fair.

Exhibit Host

Day: August 8-18 (8:30 AM-5:00 PM)

Night: August 8-18 (5:00 PM-9:00 PM)

Duties: Supervise exhibit area, answer questions, or task/activity as assigned.

Hall of Fame

Date: August 18 (1:30 PM-5:00 PM)

Duties: Announce recpients, set-up, tear-down, check-in and other tasks as needed.

Hands-on Activities

Date:  August 8-17

Duties: Greet families, assist children, and set-up/tear-down

Information & 4-H Recruitment

Dates: August 8-18

Duties: Greet visitors, explain 4-H program, assist in directing visitors.

Iowa 4-H Foundation

Dates: August 8-18

Duties: Greet visitors, share 4-H story, inform others about 4-H Foundation events.


For more information about livestock, go here.

4-H TV

Date: August 6-18

Duties: Edit, film, record and produce film for all the events at the Iowa State Fair!

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