Iowa State Fair 4-H Handbook

General Information

2015 Letter of Changes for Counties
2015 Combined ISF 4-H Exhibits General Rules and Class Descriptions
     with special rules, for county fairbooks
2014 Iowa State Fair 4-H Premium Book, Rules, and Schedule
2014 County State Fair Insurance Information
2014 County  State Fair Insurance Form--REQUIRED OF ALL COUNTIES

2014 County Quotas
2014 Tuesday, August 5 Exhibit Check-In Times 

2014 INSTRUCTIONS: Preparation of 4-H Exhibits for Check-In and Check-Out at Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits Building--this is how to prep and get your county exhibits to/from the 4-H Exhibits Building--for actual Exhibit Entry see Entry Process

2014 Exhibit Check-Out Times
2014 Exhibit Checkout Form 
2014 Additional Sunday Night Checkout Instructions

2014 State Fair 4-H Exhibitor Instructions & Letter

2014 SF Gate Map
Exhibits Building Map

Suggested County Judges Orientation

General 4-H Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)

Judging Philosophy

Strengthening Goal Centered Learning-Adults, 4H 203
4-H Judges Information webpage

Evaluating 4-H Exhibits Handbook

     where you may find more information, resources, publications--will eventually be absorbed into ISF Handbook--one Handbook for all


4-H State Fair Communications webpage 
Counties may bring up to 6 Educational Presentations, 4 Working Exhibits, 3 Share-The-Fun, and 2 Extemporaneous Speakers.  We will not schedule more than two (2) performances from a county during a Noon Share The Fun show.  2 Communications Posters per County

2014 4-H Exhibit Building Communication Information & Rules 
2014 Communications Reservation Process and Entry Form 
- STAFF login required
Reservation questions, please contact Savannah Ruby at or 515-294-1991 

Exhibitor Letters, Report Forms, Evaluations, Copyright

Exhibits Building Map

Family and Consumer Sciences

2014 Awardrobe Clothing Event

2014 Awardrobe Clothing Event Participant Information

6-F Clothing Event Schedule or PDF
6-F1 Duties of a Group Volunteer 
6-G Clothing Event Eligibility Requirements 
6-G1 The $15 Challenge Q/A
6-H County Checklist--COUNTY STAFF
6-I Clothing Event Participant Letter, PREForm, & Information (MSWord) (PDF)
      PRE-Form (MSWord)
6-J Clothing Selection Participant Report Form (MSWord) (PDF)
6-J Fashion Revue Participant Report Form (MSWord) (PDF)
6-J The $15 Challenge Participant Report Form (MSWord) (PDF)
6-K Clothing Selection Report Help
6-K Fashion Revue Report Help
6-K The $15 Challenge Report Help
6 4-H 315ABC Adventures In Clothing Publication
6-L Clothing Event Intent to Participate
6-M Clothing Event Writing Stage Commentary Help
6-N Clothing Event Judges Orientation
6-N1 Suggested Interview Questions
6-O Clothing Selection judges Evaluation Form (MSWord) (PDF)
6-O Fashion Revue Judges Evaluation Form (MSWord) (PDF)
6-O The $15 Challenge Judges Evaluation Form (MSWord) (PDF)
6-P County Clothing Report Form for Junior/Intermediate
6-Q Importance of the Fashion Show
6-R Checklist for Ready To Wear Checklist
Campus/Memorial Union Map

Food & Nutrition

Inappropriate Food Exhibits for Iowa 4-H Fairs, 4h 3023, April 2009
Preserved Food 4-H Exhibit Label
, Word, VI-991291, December 2000
Food & Nutrition Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)


Photo Label - Full Sheet, single sided (PDF) (MSWord)
Photo Label - Half Sheet, double sided (PDF) (MSWord)
Photo Label - Half Sheet, two per page, double (PDF) (MSWord)
Photography Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)

Science, Mechanics, Technology

Auto/Motorcycle Exhibit Form (Word, PDF)
Tractor Exhibit Form & Letter (Word, PDF)

SF Gate Map

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