Iowa State Fair 4-H Handbook

2015 Iowa State Fair, August 13-23

4-H Iowa State Fair Results & News Releases


General Information

2015 Letter of Changes for Counties
2015 Combined ISF 4-H Exhibits General Rules and Class Descriptions
     with special rules, for county fairbooks
2015 Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits Building Fair Book & Schedule

2015 County Quotas
2015 County State Fair Insurance Information
2015 County  State Fair Insurance Form--REQUIRED OF ALL COUNTIES

2015 Tuesday, August 11 Exhibit Check-In Times
2015 Exhibit Check-Out Times--check here for open times
2015 Exhibit Checkout Form -- check above "TIMES" to make sure time preference is open

2015 Additional Sunday Night Checkout Instructions
2015 INSTRUCTIONS: Preparation of 4-H Exhibits for Check-In and Check-Out at Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits Building--this is how to prep and get your county exhibits to/from the 4-H Exhibits Building--for actual Exhibit Entry see Entry Process

2015 Entry Process: Fair Entry Static Exhibits Entry Helpsheet - Staff
Fair Entry Printed Exhibit Tags = Avery 8387, perforated, 4/page

2015 State Fair 4-H Exhibitor Instructions & Letter

2015 SF Gate Map
Exhibits Building Map

Suggested County Judges Orientation

General 4-H Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)

Judging Philosophy

Strengthening Goal Centered Learning-Adults, 4H 203
4-H Judges Information webpage

Evaluating 4-H Exhibits Handbook:
where you may find more information


FairEntry County Communication Entry Helpsheet - Staff

2015 Communications Reservation Process and Entry Form  - STAFF login required
Reservation questions, please contact Maddie Hora at or 515-294-1991 

2015 4-H Exhibit Building Communication Information & Rules 

4-H State Fair Communications webpage 
Counties may bring up to 6 Educational Presentations, 4 Working Exhibits, 3 Share-The-Fun, and 2 Extemporaneous Speakers.  We will not schedule more than two (2) performances from a county during a Noon Share The Fun show.  2 Communications Posters per County

Exhibitor Letters, Report Forms, Evaluations, Copyright
Exhibits Building Map

Family and Consumer Sciences

Awardbrobe Clothing Event Entries Helpsheet - Staff

2015 Clothing Event Groups -- Day of County Participation
     August 13 or 14 at Memorial Union-ISU, Ames

2015 Awardrobe Clothing Event Categories webpage - Cited Publications in right column


6-F Clothing Event Schedule or PDF
6-F1 Duties of a Group Volunteer 
6-G Clothing Event Eligibility Requirements 
6-G1 The $15 Challenge Q/A
6-H County Checklist--COUNTY STAFF
6-I Clothing Event Participant Letter, PREForm, & Information (MSWord)  (PDF)
      PRE-Form only (MSWord)
6-J Clothing Selection Participant Report Form (MSWord)  (PDF)
6-J Fashion Revue Participant Report Form (MSWord)  (PDF)
6-J The $15 Challenge Participant Report Form (MSWord)  (PDF)
6-K Clothing Selection Report Help
6-K Fashion Revue Report Help
6-K The $15 Challenge Report Help
6 4-H 315ABC Adventures In Clothing Publication
6-L Clothing Event County Intent to Participate
       COUNTY STAFF--DUE IN FAIR ENTRY JULY 27  (FairEntry Awardrobe Entry Help Sheet - Staff)
6-M Clothing Event Writing Stage Commentary Help
6-N Clothing Event Judges Orientation
6-N1 Suggested Interview Questions
6-O Clothing Selection judges Evaluation Form (MSWord)  (PDF)
6-O Fashion Revue Judges Evaluation Form (MSWord)  (PDF)
6-O The $15 Challenge Judges Evaluation Form (MSWord)  (PDF)
6-P County Clothing Report Form for Junior/Intermediate (MSWord(PDF)
6-Q Importance of the Fashion Show
6-R Checklist for Ready To Wear
Campus/Memorial Union Map

Food & Nutrition

Inappropriate Food Exhibits for Iowa 4-H Fairs, 4h 3023, April 2009
Preserved Food 4-H Exhibit Label
, Word, VI-991291, December 2000
Food & Nutrition Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)


Photo Label - Full Sheet, single sided (PDF) (MSWord)
Photo Label - Half Sheet, double sided (PDF) (MSWord)
Photo Label - Half Sheet, two per page, double (PDF) (MSWord)
Photography Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)


NEW--Digital Photography Exhibit
The addition of this experimental class is intended to provide a different photography exhibition experience for 4-H members. It also serves to provide legitimacy to on-line galleries as a medium for photography exhibition. Additionally, the class may reduce barriers for some 4-H’ers who may not have ready access to matting and mounting expertise or materials. We will keep this class at least two years before evaluating if the class is achieving the desired goals. See above Combined ISF 4-H Exhibits General Rules and Class Descriptions, with special rules, for county fairbooks. Photography and Digital Photography will use the same Photo Label and Evaluation. 

Will be evaluated on good photo criteria:  Composition, technical factors, rule of thirds – all criteria for photos whether they are digital or printed.  For digital photos – won’t have a finish (matte or glossy) or matting/mounting choices.  That portion of the evaluation sheet will not apply.

The youth should still be able to answer/explain all other decisions made as they would with any other photo. Cropping, enhancement, camera settings, etc. Would be appropriate to ask (not as a ribbon deciding question but a process type question) why they chose to exhibit as a digital image. Whatever it is, they should be able to tell you why they chose digital.

Science, Mechanics, Technology

Auto/Motorcycle Exhibit Form (Word, PDF)
Tractor Exhibit Form & Letter (Word, PDF)

SF Gate Map

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