Information for 4-H Judges

Self-Study for Exhibit Judges Training or Refresher

To judge 4-H exhibits you must watch the State Fair Update Webinar and access the webpage 4-H Projects to study and print the Tip Sheets & Hot Sheets. Your county Extension office or the county you are judging in should also provide the sheets to you on request. 

November 2016: All confirmed 4-H Judges from the old FileMaker Database were moved/added to a new Judge Module in 4hOnline. Monday, November 21, 4-H Judges received an email giving instructions and asking them to update the rest of their judging information. It is expected counties will use the 4hOnline Judge module for 2017 fairs. Counties will be able to create new Judge records, update current records, and add staff only notes. Those judges without an email address may still have an entry; it will be up to the county to enter ALL their information to complete the record. County Staff Help Sheet HERE.

If you would like more information about 4-H Exhibit Judge opportunities, please e-mail Mary Kay Litzel.

4-H Exhibit Judge Form  (MSWord)  (PDF)
4-H Livestock Judge Form  (MSWord)   (PDF)
To be given out at Judge's Training or submitted to your County Extension and Outreach office to be entered in the 4hOnline Judge Module.

 Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits Information 

NEW 2015--Digital Photography Exhibit

The addition of this experimental class is intended to provide a different photography exhibition experience for 4-H members. It also serves to provide legitimacy to on-line galleries as a medium for photography exhibition. Additionally, the class may reduce barriers for some 4-H’ers who may not have ready access to matting and mounting expertise or materials. We will keep this class at least two years before evaluating if the class is achieving the desired goals. See above Combined ISF 4-H Exhibits General Rules and Class Descriptions, with special rules, for county fairbooks. Photography and Digital Photography will use the same Photo Label and Evaluation. 

Will be evaluated on good photo criteria:  Composition, technical factors, rule of thirds – all criteria for photos whether they are digital or printed.  For digital photos – won’t have a finish (matte or glossy) or matting/mounting choices.  That portion of the evaluation sheet will not apply. The youth should still be able to answer/explain all other decisions made as they would with any other photo. Cropping, enhancement, camera settings, etc. Would be appropriate to ask (not as a ribbon deciding question but a process type question) why they chose to exhibit as a digital image. Whatever it is, they should be able to tell you why they chose digital.

10304X Photography Help Sheet = Directions to enter, upload, and submit your digital 10304X photograph in FairEntry.  August 1 submission deadline.

4-H Livestock Judges Information

For information about livestock judging, contact Mike Anderson, 515-294-8617.

4-H Livestock Judge Form  (MSWord)   (PDF)

 4-H Clothing Event Judges

Clothing Event Judge's Tips webpage explains the different areas of and rules for the 4-H Clothing Event at the Iowa State Fair--Clothing Selection, The $15 Challenge, and Fashion Revue. This page also has many links to webpages and information participants will be using. All Clothing Event forms will be found in the Iowa State Fair 4-H Handbook.    

4-H Food & Nutrition Judges Information

Answer Line, 800-262-3804, is the final word for food safety and preparation along with the Ball canning and processing information.

4-H Food & Nutrition Judges Training Webinars

  • June 8, 2016 a special live-online Food & Nutrition judges training was broadcasted.  Tapes of the three sections covered will be posted soon along with resource links. Use the left column menu to go to the Judges Training webpage for this timely information.
  • April 27, 2015 a special live-online Food & Nutrition judges training was broadcasted. The session was a 4-H Food & Nutrition Judges Training Webinar on “Gluten-Free Myths, Truths, & Baked Goods” and how to evaluate products and informational posters as fair exhibits. Use the left column menu to go to the Judges Training webpage for this timely information.

On the Food & Nutrition Project webpage are the following helps. 

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