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What is Clover Kids?

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Clover Kids is a FUN 4-H program for children in kindergarten through third grade. Children participate in hands-on activities designed to build lots of different life skills!

What do Clover Kids do?

  • Explore science with simple science experiments
  • Strengthen motor skills through a variety of art and craft experiences
  • Have fun learning and playing cooperative games
  • Make friends and learn to work together with others in a group setting
  • And much, much more!!

How can my child become a Clover Kid

Contact your county Extension Office to ask about Clover Kids groups in your area.

Get Involved!

You can help your child's Clover Kid group or start one of your own! We will give you the information, training, and other help to get you started. All volunteers must go through a background screening.   Contact your county Extension office to get started.

Clover Kids Toolbox

The majority of the Clover Kids Toolbox has been recently updated; a few sections are still under development. 

Share Clover Kids Meeting Agendas

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Are you a Clover Kids volunteer trying to figure out what you will do at the next Clover Kids meeting? Iowa 4-H Clover Kids has developmentally appropriate lesson plans for you to use, and we are accepting meeting agendas from our Clover Kids' volunteers also. If you have a meeting agenda that you want to share with everyone, submit it to Nicole Hanson at

In order to be included in our collection of meeting agendas, your meeting agenda must be in the “Clover Kids Meeting Agenda Template” and follow our submission guidelines. The Template is available as a MSWord document you can download, then type into, or as a PDF document for download and printing. Approved meeting agendas will be added to the new “Clover Kids Meeting Agenda” website collection.

Helping Children Cope with Tragedy

In recent times, there have been tragedies that involved children. Children need assistance from caring adults in coping with tragedies and managing their fears.  

Iowa State University Extension has created a list of resources to give adults the information that they need to help children.  Because You Asked… Children and Tragedy",, contains specific resources for children and youth.   

For more information, contact your local Family Life Specialist,, or Brenda Welch,


February 2015 (recorded link)

Presentation Research 
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Resources Discussed:

January 2015 (recorded link)

  • Stem Scale-Up Grants
  • Programming
  • Camp/Meeting Curriculum
  • Fair Rules/Class Options
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