Benefits of Service-Learning

Hoover HS StarsA growing body of research recognizes the benefits of Service-Learning as an effective strategy that builds civic skills, improves social behavior, increases youth engagement, strengthens communities, and improves academic achievement.

Successes from Reach Out Iowa Evaluation Reports

To evaluate the successes of community-based organizations that received funding and support from Reach Out Iowa to complete Service-Learning projects, the Research Institute for Students in Education (RISE) at Iowa State University conducted interviews and evaluations with young people and adults who participated in the projects. 

Successes from Reach Out Iowa Evaluation Reports

The following themes emerged from these evaluations and interviews:

  • Youth who completed the stages of the IPARDC process experienced increased positive outcomes of the Reach Out Iowa projects; they felt proud of their work and reported an eagerness to continue to be engaged in their communities
  • For most projects, youth were successful in completing the bulk of the Reach Out Iowa projects themselves
  • Projects created a sense of community responsibility in youth
  • Adults in the community began to see youth as capable, responsible, and generous
  • Youth learned communication, teamwork, leadership, and other practical skills
  • Youth enjoyed their experiences with Reach Out Iowa and experienced a sense of accomplishment

A copy of the Reach Out Iowa Project Final Evaluation report is available here

In their own words…

In an interview, one youth member from a Reach Out Iowa project stated,

“I think probably the biggest thing that I’ve gained from these projects is knowing that I’m helping and knowing that I’m making a difference.  Later on in life I can use my leadership skills that I’ve gained to like, just not improve my life but to keep improving others’ lives as well because I don’t think I will ever stop doing these things, not now that I’ve started.”

To learn more about Service Learning, please contact:
Brenda Allen
State 4-H Program Specialist

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