Clover Kids Meeting Agendas

Are you a Clover Kids volunteer trying to figure out what you will do at the next Clover Kids meeting?  Iowa 4-H Clover Kids has developmentally appropriate lesson plans for you to use.  Try out the meeting agendas below.

We are accepting meeting agendas from our Clover Kids' volunteers also.  If you have a meeting agenda that you want to share with everyone, submit it to Nicole Hanson at

In order to be included in our collection of meeting agendas, your meeting agenda must be in the “Clover Kids Meeting Agenda Template” and follow our submission guidelines.  The Template is available as a MSWord document or .rtf format you can download, then type into, or as a PDF document for download and printing.

Shared Clover Kids Meeting Agendas/Materials

(OpenOffice is a freeware program to consider downloading if you do not have Microsoft Office or a word processing program that will open MSWord (.doc) or .rtf = rich text file.  PDF files need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.)

Animal Antics (RTF, PDF)

  •  Animal Riddles (PDF)
  •  Animals (PDF)
  •  Birds (PDF)
  •  Bugs (PDF)
  •  Reptiles/Amphibians (PDF)
  •  Water Creatures 1 (PDF)
  •  Water Creatures 2 (PDF)
  •  Wild Animals 1 (PDF)
  •  Wild Animals 2 (PDF)

Celebrations Around The World (RTF, PDF)

  •  Mein Hut Hat Drei Ecken (RTF, PDF)
  •  Mini Matryoshka (cup covers) (PDF)

Fun with Food and Nutrition (PDF)

This “Fun with Food and Nutrition” lesson incorporates technology through the use of the Layar app.  Layar can be downloaded and utilized on any smart phone or tablet (apple or android) with a camera.  Print off the lesson and experiment with it before using it with Clover Kids.  You will want to make sure that you have enough devices available for the children to be able to use the technology at your meeting.

  • Lesson Plan -- Fun with Food and Nutrition Layar (PDF)
  • Eat Smart Mini Poster (PDF)
  • Growing in the Garden Perfect Parfaits Recipe (PDF)
  • Roll a Healthy Meal (RTF, PDF)
  • Food Smart Quiz (RTF, PDF)
  • Go Fish Cards Black (PDF) and Go Fish Cards Color (PDF) -- Note: large files due to graphics
  • Leader Survey 

Gifts from the Heart (PDF)

  • Lesson Plan -- Gifts from the Heart (RTF, PDF)
  • Ballon Questions (RTF, PDF)
  • Jar Oatmeal Cookies Station Instruction Tents (RTF, PDF)
  • Jar Oatmeal Cookie Recipie Cards (RTF, PDF)
  • Oatmeal Cookie Recipie Cards (RTF, PDF)
  • Both Cookie Recipie Cards (RTF, PDF)
  • Gift Jar Attachment (RTF, PDF)
  • Shake Snack Station Instruction Tents (RTF, PDF)


Making Air Work (RTF, PDF)

  • Air Riddles (PDF)
  • Kite Pattern (PDF)
  • Pinwheel Pattern (PDF)
  • The Wind Came Out To Play Today (PDF)
  • The Wind Came Out To Play Today with motions (PFD)
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