Clover Kids Community Service Ideas

Each month do one thing to help your grandparents.

Adopt a “grandparent” in your neighborhood.

Put on a talent show for a local nursing home or preschool.

Go Christmas caroling.

Collect clothes/toys/food for a needy family.

Develop, discuss, and post a plan for a fire drill in your home.

Help plant a garden at a nursing home.

Wear your Clover Kids T-shirt during National 4-H Week in October.

Distribute valentines to shut-ins.

Bake/make homemade items for home bound neighbors.

Clean cages at the animal shelter.

March in a town festival.

Have a car wash.

Contribute to a clothing/food/toy drive.

Make signs for churches for community centers on tornado and fire safety.

Take small plants for children in a hospital so they can watch it grow.

Adopt a community spot and keep it clean.

Plant flowers in a community.

Visit residents in a nursing home.

Make a book about the residents using stories and pictures form your visit.

Make healthy snacks (muffins, trail mix, breads) for the elderly. 

A printable (.pdf) version of this page is also available here: Clover Kids Community Service Ideas (PDF)

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