Equine Extravaganza

2016 Youth Equine Extravaganza - Results


2016 Results (Horseless Horse, Hippology,Quiz Bowl, Demo.) :


2016 Horse Judging:
2016 Hippology Scores:

Horseless Horse - Saturday

ALL Horseless Horse items are on the
same registration form. Have all
your HH entry information handy
before you access the online
registration entry form below.

Goals/Evaluation Form - attach as directed

Horseless Horse - Saturday

Clothes/Crafts/Woodworking Rules

Creative Writing Rules

Digital Storytelling Rules

Drawing Rules  

Painting Rules

Photography Rules

Poster Rules

Scrapbooking Rules

Model Horse Show Rules - SUNDAY



Team & Individual Events

All Team & Individual items below
are on the same registration form.
Coaches should register all youth
in these areas, when possible.

Quiz Bowl Rules - FRIDAY

Demonstration Rules - SATURDAY

Public Speaking Rules - SATURDAY

Hippology Rules - SATURDAY






Horse Clinic Info.