Information for 4-H Judges

Self-Study for Exhibit Judges Training or Refresher

To judge 4-H exhibits you must watch the State Fair Update Webinar and access the webpage 4-H Projects to study and print the Tip Sheets & Hot Sheets. Your county Extension office or the county you are judging in should also provide the sheets to you upon request. 

Current 4-H Judges, who have changes to their contact information or judging preferences
new 4-H Judges, who have completed a recent training, please use the 4-H Exhibit Judges Preference Form (PDF download or type-in MSWord) to let us know your judging preferences and personal contact information.
(Livestock only judges, see info below.)

If you would like more information about 4-H Exhibit Judge opportunities, please e-mail Mary Kay Litzel and she will send you pertinent information.

 Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits Information 

 4-H Livestock Judges Information

Individuals who want to be considered for Iowa 4-H Livestock Judges need to fill out the 4-H Livestock Judge Preference form (PDF download or type-in MSWord).  Please be sure that you include livestock show judging experience and qualifications (i.e. county fair judging experience, regional, national show experience, etc.).  The completed form should be mailed to the State 4-H Office (or e-mail attached to Mike Anderson).  After review, your name may be placed in the State 4-H Judges database where Iowa County Extension offices have access to names of potential livestock judges for their county fairs and shows.  For further information contact Mike Anderson, 515-294-8617.

 4-H Clothing Event Judges

Clothing Event Judge's Tips webpage explains the different areas of and rules for the 4-H Clothing Event at the Iowa State Fair--Clothing Selection, The $15 Challenge, and Fashion Revue.  This page also has many links to webpages and information participants will be using.  All Clothing Event forms will be found in the Iowa State Fair 4-H Handbook.    

4-H Food & Nutrition Judges Information

You must have attended the 2004 & 2005 ICNs or watched the videos of each to be a 4-H Food & Nutrition Exhbit Judges.  Below are items presented at the 2004 & 2005 F&N ICN workshops for your reference. 

Both video tapes for review of the ICN workshops should be available at each county Extension office or a county may reserve them for a judge to view from the 4-H State Office (  Or you may watch the videos on this YOUTUBE LINK.

 If you watch both YouTube F&N Videos, fill out the form below this information.  If you review the VHS tapes, have the county office confirm this via e-mail to Mary Kay Litzel at the State Office with your name. F&N will then be added to your judging information in the county available database. 

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