4-H Marketing Resources

4-H Brand Style Guide

4-H Name & Emblem

Approved Fonts
4-H Clover with ISU Extension Wordmark
Approved Colors

Iowa 4-H Colors

Turquoise C-80 M-0 Y-45 K-0 R-0 G-167 B-157
Green C-100 M-0 Y-86 K-3 R-0 G-178 B-90
Apple Green C-50 M-0 Y-100 K-0 R-140 G-198 B-63
Gold C-1 M-15 Y-100 K-0 R-254 G-212 B-1
Red C-0 M-100 Y-100 K-0 R-237 G-28 B-36
Purple C-75 M-100 Y-0 K-0 R-102 G-45 B-145
Orange   R-234, G-114, B-40














4-H Marketing Templates

Fun Backgrounds

4-H STEM Ad Templates

To suggest other templates to be created contact the 4-H Marketing Director or your Advancement Specialist.

Movie Theater Ad Template
Volunteer Thank-you Ad

4-H Newsletter
   Color    Covers    Black/White Covers
ISUEO/4-H Binder Spine Graphics
  • "Yellow" with type-in spine length in PDF  (JPG)
  • "Red" with type-in side tab in PDF (JPG)
























4-H Resources at the Extension Store

4-H Marketing Resources
4-H Member Marketing Resources
4-H Recognition Certificates


















4-H Strategic Plan

4-H Equation
4-H Priorities
4-H Strategic Plan Communication Tools

4-H Experiential Learning Model

* - Updated 04/09/13 - to ensure you have the most updated version, the 4-H Equation should have STEM not Science as a Program Priority.


Program-Specific Marketing Resources

Clover Kids
Iowa 4-H Youth Conference

Logo available on 4-H Staff Only Clipart webpage

National 4-H Week


Graphic Elements

Downloads and shows you a zip folder
when opened contains the graphics
or pictures.  You may then drag the folder
to a different location.


Calendar Graphics
Stock Photography

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