Judges Training

State 4-H Judges Trainings

No State or Regional Judges Training is being offered at this time.

General Exhibit Judges Self-Training (See Judge Information Webpage)

The judges training coordinating committee and sub-committee members are busy working to design a consistent training system for new and experienced judges:

  • System will build knowledge and skills judges need to improve the quality of the judging experience for youth and judges
  • Focuses on educate, evaluate, encourage process for 4-H members
  • Training includes positive youth development
  • New judges have opportunity to “practice” before direct interaction with youth
  • Revise and update resources for judges (includes website and online resources)
  • Marketing system to make sure all judges and potential judges are aware of training opportunities
  • Develop a process for counties and campus to recognize judges’ contribution to youth and the 4‑H program
Training format:
  • The first four hours (includes lunch) of the training builds knowledge and skills for new judges (as well as interested volunteers and parents) and the last two hours is project area content specific.
  • Experienced judges will be presenting and all judges are welcome to attend to brush-up on their expertise or expand their knowledge base.
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