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General Exhibit Judges In-person Training

Judges Training, Carson IA, March 4

Please mark your calendars to attend!  Registration will be available after December 1, 2016.  4-H Exhibit Judges Training for NEW and current 4-H Judges, Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the Carson Community Center, located just off US Hwy 92 in Carson at 316 S Commercial Street.
New Judges training along with updates for current judges on Communication, Food and Nutrition, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Science and Engineering, Visual Arts/Home Improvement, and Photography. 
Check back in December for more information and registration!  (TBD)

4-H Food & Nutrition Judges Training Webinar, June 8, 2016

A special live-online Food & Nutrition judges training was broadcasted Wednesday evening June 8, 2016.  Tapes of the three sections covered are posted below along with resource links.  [PDF of information below]
Food Safety Review/Updates for 2016 - Shannon Coleman, Assistant Professor of Food Science & Human Nutrition. Dr. Coleman will provide important information on food safety issues that arise when dealing with 4-H fair exhibits. She’ll have good reminders and resources for judges on food preservation and other food safety concerns.

New Dietary Guidelines and Food Labels (40:20 run time)– Ruth Litchfield, Associate Professor of Food Science & Human Nutrition and Extension State Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Litchfield will have updates on the 2015 revisions to dietary guidelines and introduce the new food label requirements.

Judging Tips from the Trenches – Liz Meimann, AnswerLine Specialist and 4-H Food & Nutrition exhibit judge. Liz will offer practical tips for working with 4-H’er and 4-H Food & Nutrition exhibits during the judging process. Liz is a long-time county and state fair 4-H exhibit judge in addition to providing advice to 4-H’er and families through her AnswerLine work.


General Exhibit Judges Self-Training

(See Information for Judges Webpage)


State 4-H Judges Trainings

4-H Food & Nutrition Judges Training Webinar on
“Gluten-Free Myths, Truths, & Baked Goods”

April 2015
Presented by Ashley Moyna, ISU Dietetics & Culinary Science student in cooperation with Dr. Ruth Litchfield, Associate Professor/Associate Chair, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Instructions for viewing the Food & Nutrition Judges Training webinar

  1. Complete the Pre-Evaluation
  2. View Webinar Part I – “Truths & Myths”
  3. View Video – “Science: A Closer Look at Gluten”
  4. View Webinar Part II – “Baking”
  5. Complete the Post-Evaluation


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