County 4-H Volunteer

There are many ways to support the 4-H program at the county level. Volunteers are needed to give guidance to policy and priority setting and to conduct county-level and region-wide programs and activities.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Maintain the county Facebook page
  • Assemble and edit the county newsletter (electronic or print)
  • Serve on a the County Youth Committee or a sub-committee
  • Plan and implement a countywide event such as a county day of service
  • Manage the county wide communication, clothing, or recognition event
  • Offer a workshop based on a skill or hobby you want to share with youth or adults
  • Become a 4-H judge
  • Enter data for events and activities in the county office
  • Lead or provide support to after-school programming
  • Lead a school enrichment program

What are some other ideas? You are only limited by your imagination! Share them with your county Extension staff!


Contact your local ISU Extension Office to learn more about 4-H volunteer opportunities in your county.

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