Training and Planning Resources for 4-H Camping Programs

Online Training Course for Teen 4-H Camp Counselors, CITs, and Teen Leaders

We are excited to offer this series of online learning modules produced by Expert Online Training as a supplement to local 4-H camp counselor and teen leadership training. These videos and accompanying handouts will help transform your  4-H camp counselors, CITs, and other teens that have leadership roles working with younger 4-Hers into youth development professionals.
Listed below are the course module topics categorized in the areas of Leadership, Youth Development and Play, and Mental Health and Behavior.
Regional 4-H Program Specialists and County Youth Staff interested in registering their youth leaders in the online course can contact Jacki Luckstead for details and more information.

  • Classic Problem Solving—Using options and evaluation to reach group consensus
  • Cracking Kids’ Secret Code—Listening sensitively to forge understanding
  • Get the Best and Forget the Rest—Nurturing positive youth behavior
  • Rules Were Made to Be Positive—Creating expectations campers want to live up to
  • Stop Yelling Get the HINT—Seven simple ways to engage cooperation
  • We Squashed It! (Conflict Resolution)—Collaborative problem solving for high-conflict situations

Youth Development and Play

  • Becoming a Youth Development Professional—Making the transition from ME to KIDS
  • Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques—Learn to play and play to learn
  • Hello Games—Invite, include, and inquire
  • Move It Like You Mean It—Using body language to enhance communication
  • Playing with a Full Deck—Exciting low-prop games for groups
  • Rainy Day Games—All weather fun

Mental Health and Behavior

  • Bullies and Targets, Part I--Prevention
  • Homesickness at Day & Resident Camps, Part I—Best practices for youth leaders
  • Homesickness at Day & Resident Camps, Part II—Supportive conversation demonstration
  • Skillful Discipline, Part I—Creative behavior management and alternatives to punishment
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