Policy and Guidance

Page Under Construction
In an effort to support clarity, transparency and inclusion, the Iowa 4-H Youth Development program is building a policy and best practices/guidance library. This effort includes a comprehensive review of all Iowa 4-H program policies to ensure accessibility, consistency and coordination. The projected project completion will be the Fall 2017. 
**Please note only reviewed information will go on this page, thus it will remain "under construction" until completion of this effort.  

Policy and Guidance Library

Approved Iowa 4-H Youth Development policies and best practice/guidance.
Code of Conduct for Iowa 4-H Volunteers
Code of Conduct for Iowa 4-H Youth and Families
4-H Product Development Process
Core Principles and Organizational Structure


Policies and Best Practices Under Review

The following policies and best practices being reviewed will go through a public comment process. To review or comment click here.
Participation Policy
4-H Club Definitions and Requirements

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