Iowa 4-H Reporters

The Iowa 4-H Reporters is a new opportunity for youth who have an interest in media and communicaitons projects.  The applicaiton is below, and is due by May 31, 2017. 
NOTE: the application process is being extended until the end of June.


Iowa 4-H Reporters 2017 Application <-- Click to Apply

Youth grades 9-12 selected for this program will have the opportunity to:
  • Work with professional mentors in partnership with Iowa Public Television
  • Work on a team with other youth in Iowa who have an interest in Media and Communications
  • Serve as a 4-H reporter at the Iowa State Fair for two days
  • Attend a full day workshop with professional partners in central Iowa on July 13
  • Receive state-wide recognition for their work on this project

Application Sample Work

With your application, we will be asking you to submit a sample of work that showcases your skills and abilities related to this project.  This submission, in whichever format you choose, should tell a story or communicate a specific message or promotion.  It could be a series of photographs, a written story or report (fact or fiction), a video, animation, audio file or interview.  Samples should be short (limit 10 photos, one written page, or 3 minute audio/video file, please).

Team Roles

Each applicant will have the opportunity to indicate their preference to serve in one of our team roles: 

  • Producer: Leads group. Uses good listening skills when interacting with the crew. Treats other crew members with respect. Makes arrangements for production of the story. Conducts the interview. Determines the direction of the story. Uses good listening skills during interview. Decides if the way the story is being covered needs to change direction once production is underway in the field. Acts as second set of “eyes” when gathering b-roll. Reviews footage in order to tell the story with the best video elements. Writes a concise report that establishes what the conflict or need might be, the people involved and the resolution if there is one.
  • Audio: Gathers sound during the interview and from b-roll locations. Controls audio levels making sure the sound is not too low or distorted. Determines if background or wind noise is too much during interview situations. Monitors sound during b-roll collection to be sure the sound is not too low or distorted.
  • Social Media: Edits and shares the story on various social media platforms. Makes sure the story is consistent and successful on each platform.
  • Video/Photography: Uses the camera to help tell the story. Uses tripods or holds the camera as needed to tell the story. Gathers b-roll by shooting sequences of wide, medium and close-up images. Decides if a zoom is appropriate instead of gathering three shots where one will work. Determines best location for interview. Monitors the exposure and framing of the shots utilizing the rule of thirds. Responsible for helping tell the story by finding the best video and audio to support the story as written by the Producer.
If you have any questions about this program or the application process, please contact
Arts, Communication and Design Specialist

Special thanks to IPTV and WHO for their partnership with Iowa 4-H Reporters.

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