Good Morning Agriculture!


- Pencils
- Handout: Good Morning, Agriculture! (pdf)
(Print and hand out one per student. You may want to make a transparency of the handout to work on with the class.)


Give each student a copy of “Good Morning, Agriculture!” Have the students read the story and circle all the agricultural products they can find. Have them count the number of agricultural products they find and write the number at the top of the page. Determine who has the most and have that student start listing them as they appear in the story. Write the agricultural products in a list on the board, on a transparency, or on a large sheet of paper. Have the students circle the items they missed on their handout. Use the following list of more than thirty agricultural products in the story to discover how important agriculture is in starting your day.


This activity is from the Growing in the Garden: PreK-Grade 3 Curriculum lesson titled, “Our Lives Depend on Agriculture.”


How was Grady’s morning similar to your school-day mornings? Discuss similarities, underline the agricultural products that most students use in the morning, and add other agricultural products to the list.


Have the students look around the classroom and find other things in that come from agriculture. Examples could be soy crayons, paper, wood pencil, wood trim, anything with batteries or made of some plastics, food, cloth items, biodegradable items, etc.

What would a morning be like without agriculture? 

Is it even possible?

Was agriculture part of everyday life for the original human beings living on planet Earth?


Will agriculture be part of everyday life for human beings in 3000?


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