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What is Global Citizenship?


Global Citizenship is a youth development category under the Citizenship curriculum area. Due to the steady increase in globalization, the need is even greater for every individual to learn basic principles of how to be a global citizen. Global competence is necessary for global peace, stability, and development.

Global Citizenship incorporates:

  • Identification as a citizen of a global society
  • Knowledge of and appreciation for all cultures, including one’s own
  • Understanding of global interconnectedness and/or issues that affect our global world
  • Responsibility to positively contribute to and care for our global society

The Global Citizenship page serves many purposes: for youth to discover cultures, as well as learn how to be an actively engaged global citizen; for staff members to have access to a plethora of resources and global citizenship education materials; and for parents to understand the importance of global citizenship and how to enable their children to be global citizens that will change the world.

Global Citizenship Day: August 15th, 2017


      Iowa State Fair

On Tuesday, August 15th, the 4-H building hosting the 2nd annual Global Citizneship Day. This is a great opportunity for 4-Hers to teach others about global citizenship and learn about different cultures. We are inviting clubs and members to participate in the day by creating a 3-minute video, displaying an interactive booth, or putting on a cultural demonstration. Click the links below to reserve your spot at Global Citizenship Day and to learn more about our exciting new Global Citizenship pitch video challenge!
Global Citizenship Invitation
Global Citizenship Pitch Video Requirements
Global Citizenship Day Participation Application

4-H Youth and Global Citizenship

The Youth Solution

The 4-H movement—made up of 4-H programs delivered through Cooperative Extension at land-grant universities in the United States as well as independent 4-H programs from around the world—is uniquely positioned to meet urgent global needs: 

  • Young people are the drivers of change—and today there are more than one billion people between 12 and 24.
  • The young people of today are the farmers who will feed the world in 2050.
  • 4-H reaches 7 million young people in more than 50 countries.
  • More than 3.5 million girls and young women are leading in 4-H today.
  • The 4-H high quality positive youth development experience is proven effective—with a 100-year history of agricultural and economic development.
  • A global network of independent 4-H programs is working together to offer the 4-H experience to millions more young people—with a goal to double the number of young leaders reached outside the U.S. by 2015.



Resources for Youth

Youth of the next generation will be in high demand to make positive impacts on our global community, both personally and professionally. The solutions to many global issues, such as clean water, quality education, and food for all, may be in the brains of today's youth.

Starting Out - Basic / Level 1

  • Simply talk to others and observe their mannerisms, behaviors and ways of thinking
  • Find out your ancestry and research the countries that your family originated from
  • Read books, newspapers, articles, etc. that give you insight into happenings around the world
  • Research social norms, holidays, activities, games, music, etc. found in other countries
  • Raise money for your favorite charity every time you walk, run or bike with Charity Miles

Learning More - Intermediate / Level 2

  • Interview people in your community that have lived outside of the U.S.
  • Discover others' perspectives on global issues
  • Research societal issues around the globe and what is being done about them
  • Read about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
  • Learn about the food systems across the globe
  • Find out how technology has impacted the world
  • Play the Diversity Game

Expanding Horizons - Advanced / Level 3

  • Join a local community organization that has a global focus or create your own
  • Research the 130+ international non-profits with Global Impact
  • Find a global missions team and discover ways you can support their global work
  • Host a hunger banquet
  • Create a global youth service project
  • Identify a global cause important to you and determine how to make a difference
  • Utilize Map Your World by The Revolutionary Optimists
  • Investigate the ways our U.S. government has a role in our world
  • Apply to attend the Iowa Youth Institute
  • Present your new knowledge to friends, family and community members


Resources for Staff and Leaders

Staff members and 4-H leaders have the power to influence the lives of children due to the position they hold. Every time they connect with a child, they have the opportunity to mold each young individual into a contributing citizen, and empower them with the skills to change the world.
National Education Association: Why Cultural Competence?
MyExtension Global Citizenship


Lesson Plans and Activities

Readings with Meanings



Resources for Parents

Parents also have a unique position and responsibility to create and raise responsible, contributing citizens. Your children will experience even higher influences of globalization and cultural diversity in their personal and professional lives.





4-H Global

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