Awardrobe Clothing Event

Awardrobe Clothing Event

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Event Categories webpage has information on the three categories of County selection: Clothing Selection, Fashion Revue, The $15 Challenge

What is the Iowa State Fair 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event?

The Iowa State Fair 4-H "Awardrobe" Clothing Event is for 4-H'ers interested in showcasing apparel design and production knowledge, as well as their creativity skills!  There are three categories within the 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event: Clothing Selection; Fashion Revue; The $15 Challenge.


The Iowa State Fair 4-H  Awardrobe Clothing Event is held during the second week of the Iowa State Fair and  showcases youth from different regions of the state each day.  In 2016, the Awardrobe Clothing Event will be held Thursday, August 11 and  Friday, August 12. 


The 2016 Iowa State Fair 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event will be held at the Memorial Union on the Iowa State University campus in Ames.


During the 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event, 4-H'ers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational workshops and hands-on learning tables where they learn about current fashion trends; higher education opportunities in clothing, fashion, and textiles; careers in the field of fashion and design; and the development of important life skills. Youth also get to speak one-on-one with a judge about their understanding and use of design elements and principles within their selected category.  At the end of the day, participants model their garments in a fun and exciting public runway show.


During the Awardrobe Clothing Event's Recognition Award Ceremony held immediately following the runway show, all youth will receive a green participation ribbon.  Additionally, participants ranking in the top 10% in the categories of Clothing Selection, Fashion Revue, and The $15 Challenge will be presented a $25 award sponsored by the Iowa State Fair and local retail businesses.

Further recognition is given to one individual who exhibits outstanding skills in the Fashion Revue category.  This individual will receive a $25 cash award from the Central Iowa Sewing Guild.  One participant whose garment incorporates this year’s clothing trends will also receive a $25 award from Iowa State University’s College of Human Sciences' Apparel Merchandising and Design Program.

One inspiring participant ranking in the top 3% in the category of Clothing Selection, Fashion Revue, or The $15 Challenge and who has expressed an interest in furthering their education in the area of textiles and clothing, hospitality management, or consumer sciences will receive a $500 scholarship to Iowa State University’s College of Human Sciences' Department of Apparel, Educational Studies, and Hospitality Management.


Please contact Cayla Taylor, 515-294-1877 or

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