Campus 4-H Staff

Located at the Extension 4-H Youth Building in north campus off Stange Road and Daley Drive.
Mail & Delivery Address: 3630 Extension 4-H Youth Bldg, ISU, Ames IA 50011-3630
Phone: 515-294-1017


Administrative Team

John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas



4-H Youth Development Program Leader for ISU Extension and Outreach
(515) 294-6772


LuAnn Johansen

Luann Johansen

Assistant Director                                   
Field Operations Manager
(641) 648-4850

Luann serves on the 4-H Youth Development Administrative Team and provides leadership for field youth program specialists.  Program and staff development.

Keli Tallman

Keli Tallman

Organizational Learning and Accountability Manager
(515) 294-0688


Keli provides foundational support to the Iowa 4-H Program via curriculum development leadership.  In this role, she is responsible for ensuring that the Iowa 4-H Program’s vision and mission are aligned with all aspects of program and staff development.  Keli coordinates the Iowa 4-H Program’s statewide evaluation, research, and reporting frameworks.  She is the state liaison for National 4-H Afterschool and the Iowa 4-H Program’s Clover Kids Program.  Keli represents the Iowa 4-H Youth Development Program as an active member of state level youth development councils and boards.  Keli also secures and directs grants and contracts that align with the Iowa 4-H Program’s vision and mission. Additionally, Keli trains a variety of volunteers, state level partners, and ISU faculty regarding positive youth development principles and practices.

Jay Staker

Stakeholder and Partnership Development Manager.                                                          Interim Director, Iowa Space Grant Consortium

Jay assists in preparing Iowa's youth for the careers of tomorrow by supporting and providing information on resources in science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM) youth programming; offering exciting hands-on professional development opportunities in SET programming for educators and youth professionals; and consulting in development of STEM youth programs for both schools, informal, and nonformal learning environments.



State Program Specialists 

Brenda S. Allen

4-H Youth Program Specialist
(515) 294-1567

Brenda provides leadership, training and support for youth in governance, youth engagement, citizenship and leadership curriculum for the state and represents Iowa on those national 4-H curriculum teams.  She also coordinates professional development for 4-H staff statewide.  Additional  responsibilities that support citizenship and leadership areas include leadership for State 4-H Council, Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, Collegiate 4-H, and Pioneer Community Grant programs.  She is also the state contact for International youth programs.  Brenda works with the Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools grant (IS3) in partnership with the Iowa Department of Education as well.

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

4-H Youth Program Specialist
(515) 294-8617

As a part of STEM leadership, Mike provides support for the animal science program across the state.  He partners with ISU and the College of Ag and Life Sciences (CALS) faculty and staff to further develop curriculum and programming for youth.  Mike is instrumental in the on-going improvement of the Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQA) program as well as managing the state fair livestock shows and other statewide 4-H livestock events and activities.  He also provides support for the 4hOnline livestock identification process.

Megan Bagley

ISUEO K-12 Youth Outreach Advancement Specialist
(515) 294-7586

Megan has a joint position with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Organizational Advancement and 4-H.  She directs 4-H marketing, branding, and communications efforts across the state and provides advancement leadership for priority Extension and Outreach 4-H youth programs.


Jon Cahill

Interim Youth Program Specialist, Camping


Jon provides leadership and support for 4-H Camping programs statewide, as well as those conducted at the Iowa 4-H Center.  

Lynne Campbell

Lynne Campbell

Professional Development Specialist for K-12 Youth Development Outreach Programs            (515) 294-1521

Lynne leads professional development efforts for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach K-12 Youth Outreach Program that includes the 4H programming, the North Central STEM Hub Region, the NASA Space Consortium Grant, associated working groups and future partnerships with K-12 school and other partners.


Renny Crawford

Interim SESS State Coordinator


Paul Gibbins

North Central Iowa STEM Hub Manager for the Governor's STEM Advisory Council                   

Paul serves as the manager for the North Central Iowa STEM Hub.  The Hub serves the North Central Iowa region in service to the Governor's STEM Advisory Council and the ISU Land Grant Mission.  Paul works in partnership with the region's STEM Education Stakeholders in preparing Iowa's youth for the careers of tomorrow.  The Hub serves stakeholders by  providing information and resources in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and offering exciting opportunities in STEM programs through hands-on Scale Up programs with supporting professional development.   Paul also provides leadership in the region for STEM Festivals, local celebrations that engage families in STEM.

Tillie Bell Good

Volunteer Development Specialist
(515) 294-1157

Tillie provides leadership in volunteer development and management of volunteers working to support Iowa's 4-H youth development programs. This includes volunteer training, recruitment, and partnership development.

Nicole Hanson

Nicole Hanson

4-H Clover Kids Specialist
(515) 294-1611



Phil Heckman

Phil Heckman

Iowa 4-H Data Manager
(515) 294-9785

Provides 4-H Online enrollment support to County and regional 4-H Staff.  Collects, analyzes, interprets, and reports on data collected to better evaluate the Iowa 4-H Youth Development Program.  Provides Fair Entry support for State Fair 4-H Static Exhibits, Livestock Exhibits, Communications Event, and Awardrobe Clothing Event.


Susan Hollenkamp

Susan Hollenkamp

Program Director
(515) 294-9722

Susan is the Iowa AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach  Program Director.  She is responsible for managing the AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach grant and supporting AmeriCorps members serving in host communities throughout the state. Susan is responsible for host site supervisor and member training including developing curriculum in specific subject areas and making it available to members via the learning management system.

Mitchell Hoyer

4-H Youth Program Specialist
(515) 294-1531

Mitch provides operational support for 4-H program policy implementation with emphasis on 4-H clubs and risk management issues. He assists with the Volunteer and Partnership Development work team and the Communications and Arts program area.  He also serves as superintendent for the Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibit Building and Communication Events programs.

Theresa Samson

Theresa Samson

(515) 294-2078

Contact Theresa for questions related to 4-H Program Accounting.


Cayla Taylor

Cayla Taylor

4-H Youth Program Coordinator
(515) 294-1877

Cayla provides programmatic support to the Citizenship and Leadership, Healthy Living and Communication and the Arts Iowa 4-H priority topic areas. She is responsible for the State 4-H Council, state and national 4-H recognition opportunities as well as providing curriculum, training and support for the Connecting Learning and Living program. Cayla is also responsible for coordinating Iowa State Fair events including the Awardrobe Clothing Event, 4-H Film Festival, and Cook This! special events.


Support Staff

Mary Kay Litzel

(515) 294-1519

Mary Kay is the receptionist for 4-H, provides support for Recognition; Leader/Youth Awards; Judges Training; FOCUS and Weekly News e-newsletters; DuPont Pioneer Community Service Grant program; and the Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits Building.

Vicki Speake

Vicki Speake

(515) 294-5738

Vicki provides support for the E-SET program, the livestock program, and the State Science & Technology Fair of Iowa.

Carol Tierney

Carol Tierney

Program Assistant

Carol is the Program Assistant for the NC STEM Hub.  Duties include assisting with budget, preparing newsletters, developing databases and website.

Carmen Fuchs

Carmen Fuchs

Secretary III
(515) 294-3106

Carmen manages the statewide NASA Iowa Space Grant Consortium and Iowa NASA EPSCoR grants.  She reports to a director, and two associate directors located at Iowa, Drake and Iowa State.  Duties include national and regional meeting attendance, reconciliation of NASA and Match funding at four universities and outreach affiliates, financial reporting and processes, interaction with accounting offices at Drake, Iowa State, Iowa, and Northern Iowa, and website maintenance.

Patty Gibler

Administrative Assistant

Lexa Janes

Lexa Janes

(515) 294-1017


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