Campus 4-H Staff



Administrative Team

John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas


4-H Youth Development Program Leader
for ISU Extension and Outreach
(515) 294-6772

John-Paul has been recognized at the local, state and national level for his work with youth for underserved and underrepresented communities. John-Paul has held several public offices including State Director of Equity and Civil Rights at the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (WA State Department of Education), four terms as Iowa Latino Affairs Commissioner before being appointed by then Governor to lead the Division of Latino Affairs. In previous roles he has served as the Executive Director at the Latino Community Fund, and was the Public Policy Lead and Product Development Manager at the Northwest Area Foundation in St. Paul, MN, where he oversaw an eight-state multimillion-dollar portfolio designed to build assets, reduce poverty and improve the lives of rural youth, families and communities. Previous academic appointment include National Training and Technical Assistance Director at the National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice, the Executive Director of the Institute for the Support of Latino/a Families and Communities, and a co-founder of the Disproportionate Minority Confinement/contact Research Center, all at the University of Iowa. John-Paul has thought graduate courses in areas such as Discrimination, Diversity and Oppression, Latino Immigration to the United States, multicultural education and family/community development at the University of Iowa, the Iowa Highway Patrol Academy, the National Academy of Sciences, etc. John-Paul has a B.A. in Sociology / International Relations / Multiculturalism from Saint Mary University, a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Iowa, and completed his course work towards a doctorate in cultural competence education and training at the same institution. As young adult, he worked in meatpacking in Kansas to put himself through school, and it was there he began his work in the United States as an advocate, community organizer and educator for youth. 



Marybeth Foster

Organizational Accountability Manager                                  
(515) 294-0688

Marybeth is responsible for overseeing financial, data management, and program evaluation for the Iowa 4-H program. As part of the 4-H Administrative Team, Marybeth engages in planning, strategizing and positioning 4-H to respond and adapt to changing conditions. Marybeth ensures credible, reliable and accurate impact messages go out across the Iowa 4-H program.

LuAnn Johansen

LuAnn Johansen

Assistant Director                                   
Field Operations Manager
(641) 648-4850

Luann serves on the 4-H Youth Development Administrative Team and provides leadership for field youth program specialists. Program and staff development.

Jay Staker

Stakeholder and Partnership Development Manager.  Interim Director, Iowa Space Grant Consortium

Jay assists in preparing Iowa's youth for the careers of tomorrow by supporting and providing information on resources in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) youth programming, offering exciting hands-on professional development opportunities in SET programming for educators and youth professionals; and consulting in development of STEM youth programs for both schools, informal, and nonformal learning environments.


Cayla Taylor

Educational Opportunities Manager
(515) 294-1877

Cayla is responsible for leading product development for the Iowa 4-H Youth Development Program. This role entails working closely with the Iowa 4-H campus program specialists who oversee the 4-H program priority areas (STEM, citizenship and leadership, communication and the arts, and healthy living) to develop, review and deploy 4-H youth development programs, curricula, media and materials. She also oversees the 4-H Healthy Living program. 




State Program Specialists 

Brenda S. Allen

4-H Youth Program Specialist
(515) 294-1567

Brenda provides leadership, training and support for youth in governance, youth engagement, citizenship and leadership curriculum for the state and represents Iowa on those national 4-H curriculum teams. She also coordinates professional development for 4-H staff statewide. Additional responsibilities that support citizenship and leadership areas include leadership for State 4-H Council, Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, Collegiate 4-H, and DuPont Pioneer Community Grant program. She is also the state contact for International 4-H youth exchange program.  Brenda works with the Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools grant (IS3) in partnership with the Iowa Department of Education as well.

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

4-H Youth Program Specialist; STEM Program Priority Area Lead
(515) 294-8617

Mike provides statewide leadership for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) priority area. He partners with ISU colleges and departments as well as staff and partners across the state to create unique and hands-on learning opportunities for youth. Mike also manages all statewide animal science and livestock events including State Fair activities, livestock quality assurance curriculum, 4hOnline livestock identification and the FairEntry livestock entry system.

Megan Bagley

ISUEO K-12 Youth Outreach Advancement Specialist
(515) 294-7586

Megan has a joint position with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Organizational Advancement and 4-H. She directs 4-H marketing, branding, and communications efforts across the state and provides advancement leadership for priority Extension and Outreach 4-H youth programs.

Clark Colby

Arts, Communication, and Design Program Specialist
(515) 294-1991

Clark leads product development and state level programming to redesign and deploy the Arts and Communications 4-H Program priority area (photography, film, design, interior design, community development, music, speech/debate).

Bonnie Dalager

Product Development Program Specialist
(515) 294-3082

Bonnie supports Product Development including the coordination of several state 4-H events such as State 4-H Recognition Day, 4-H Wardrobe Clothing Event and National 4-H Recognition trips. She works closely with our other 4-H Youth Program Specialists to develop and disseminate educational products to 4-H staff and volunteers statewide. 


Pete Evans

Forward Learning Experience (FLEx) Coordinator
(515) 294-4717

Pete is a registered architect and lecturer in the Department of Industrial Design at Iowa State University teaching CAD/CAM and design technology courses. He is also coordinator for the Forward Learning Experience (FLEx) outreach program. The FLEx is a mobile design technology and learning platform to deliver STEM, 21st Century Skills, and Design Thinking to constituents across the State of Iowa.

Paul Gibbins

North Central Iowa STEM Hub Manager for the Governor's STEM Advisory Council                  

Paul serves as the manager for the North Central Iowa STEM Hub. The Hub serves the North Central Iowa region in service to the Governor's STEM Advisory Council and the ISU Land Grant Mission. Paul works in partnership with the region's STEM Education Stakeholders in preparing Iowa's youth for the careers of tomorrow. The Hub serves stakeholders by  providing information and resources in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and offering exciting opportunities in STEM programs through hands-on Scale Up programs with supporting professional development. Paul also provides leadership in the region for STEM Festivals, local celebrations that engage families in STEM.

Tillie Bell Good

Volunteer Development Specialist
(515) 294-1557

Tillie provides leadership in volunteer development and management of volunteers working to support Iowa's 4-H youth development programs. This includes volunteer training, recruitment, and partnership development.

Nicole Hanson

4-H Clover Kids Specialist
(515) 294-1611

Nicole provides leadership in the statewide 4-H Clover Kids program including partnership development; volunteer development, training Field Staff, county staff, and volunteers in provided Clover Kid curriculum and hands-on kits.

Phil Heckman

Phil Heckman

Iowa 4-H Data Manager
(515) 294-9785

Phil manages the Iowa 4HOnline Database and Support. He also provides support for Program Evaluation and Data Collection and Analysis. Phil is a campus liaison to the East Field Team.

Susan Hollenkamp

Susan Hollenkamp

Program Director
(515) 294-9722

Susan is the Iowa AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach  Program Director. She is responsible for managing the AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach grant and supporting AmeriCorps members serving in host communities throughout the state. Susan is responsible for host site supervisor and member training including developing curriculum in specific subject areas and making it available to members via the learning management system.

Mitchell Hoyer

4-H Youth Program Specialist
(515) 294-1531

Mitch provides operational support for 4-H program policy implementation with emphasis on 4-H clubs and risk management issues. He assists with the Volunteer and Partnership Development work team and the Communications and Arts program area.  He also serves as superintendent for the Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibit Building and Communication Events programs.

Jacki Luckstead

4-H Camping and Shooting Sports Specialist

Program Staff in charge of the 4-H Camping program and the project area of Safety & Education in Shooting Sports, that includes organizing State Matches and training county and state instructors. Housed in Jones County Extension and Outreach during non-camp season.

Shelly Ramus

Volunteer Specialist
(515) 294-1982

Shelly’s role as a volunteer specialist provides support to the volunteer development and management system to assist is sustaining and expanding statewide 4-H programs. This includes support in the development and delivery of blended learning statewide for 4-H volunteers as well as support to field specialists and counties regarding volunteer training. Shelly also helps support citizenship and leadership activities with the State 4-H Council and Iowa 4-H Youth Conference.

Theresa Samson

Theresa Samson

(515) 294-2078

Contact Theresa for questions related to 4-H Program Accounting.



Support Staff

Jennifer Anderson

Administrative Specialist I
(515) 294-1018

Jennifer is the Administrative Assistant to the State 4-H Youth Development Program Leader as well as a liaison between the state 4-H Administrative team members. Jennifer coordinates payroll, hourly time entry, vacation and sick leave for 4-H campus and field team staff. Jennifer also coordinates student internships and work study to actively engage Iowa State University students with the youth served by the statewide 4-H program.

Patty Gibler

Administrative Specialist II

Patty supports the Program Staff in charge of the 4-H Camping program and the project area of Safety & Education in Shooting Sports, that includes organizing State Matches and training county and state instructors. Patty is an integral part of the 4-H campus staff.

Lexa Janes

Lexa Janes

Secretary II
(515) 294-1017

Lexa is the phone receptionist for the State 4-H Office and provides information and referral to the public. She provides support for all 4-H campus, field teams, and county staff. Program support includes: Iowa 4-H Youth Conference-3 day mid-summer conference that welcomes over 800 Iowa youth and chaperones to the ISU campus with renowned speakers, fun workshops, learning experiences, and community service; Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits Building-office manager, liaison to Static Exhibit Judges, answering all questions, and recording awards; the annual fall total state 4‑H Youth Staff meeting; 4-H staff only web pages on MyExtension, many public 4‑H webpages, tech support for 4hOnline; and various livestock events throughout the year.

Mary Kay Litzel

Secretary II
(515) 294-1519

Mary Kay is the office receptionist for 4-H and provides support for all 4-H campus and county staff. Program support includes: Recognition Opportunities; 4-H Judges database; weekly e-newsletters: 4‑H FOCUS (Staff Only) and 4‑H Weekly News (public); Awardrobe Clothing Event; County Leader/Volunteer Awards; DuPont Pioneer Community Service Grants program; the AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach program; 4-H staff only web pages on MyExtension, many public 4‑H webpages; and various livestock events throughout the year.

Vicki Speake

Vicki Speake

(515) 294-5738

Vicki provides support for all 4-H campus, field teams, and county staff. Program support includes: office & field computer & electronics; STEM; various livestock events throughout the year; the State Science & Technology Fair of Iowa; 4-H staff only web pages on MyExtension and many public 4‑H webpages; and tech support for 4hOnline.

Carol Tierney

Carol Tierney

Program Assistant I

Carol is the Program Assistant for the NC STEM Hub. Carol assists with grants, budgets, preparing newsletters, developing databases, the ISU website, and payroll forms.

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