Connecting Learning & Living

Connecting Learning & Living (CLL)  programs provide applicable garden-based, nutritional, environmental and agricultural education to youth of all ages, through hands-on lessons and activities that connect learning in classrooms and after-school programs with living on planet Earth.  We welcome you and invite you to explore this website for more information and a variety of resources.
CLL includes Growing in the Garden: PreK through Grade 3 Curriculum, Growing in the Garden: Local Foods and Healthy Living; the Where We Live series; Food, Land & People: Resources for Learning; other curricula; training; grant programs; and special projects.

CLL Works!

When youth and caring adults thoroughly engage in CLL lessons & activities and apply them to their lives, there will be:

  • Decreases in  childhood  and adult obesity and other physical and mental health problems, resulting in healthier youth, families, and communities.        
  • Increases in healthy and sustainable food and environmental activities for youth, families, communities, and beyond.
  • Vibrant 4-H and after-school youth programs.
  • Fewer schools on the “at risk” list for No Child Left Behind.

Connecting Learning & Living is the Iowa leader for the 1 million-dollar USDA People's Garden School Pilot Program titled,    Healthy Gardens, Healthy Youth. The national team includes Washington State, Cornell, Iowa State, and Arkansas State University Extension Services.

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