Resources for ISU Extension's Celebration
of the University's Sesquicentennial

To commemorate the 150th birthday of Iowa State University, each county Extension office is hosting a service project. These projects involve a plethora of people from staff, 4-H members, current ISU students, ISU alumni living in the county, Extension retirees, and other friends of ISU. In addition, campus-based staff will participate in all service projects..

County directors are registering and providing updated information on their service projects here. The information provided on each of the service projects will be promoted by Iowa State University.

Need some help?

To find out which alumni live in your county, contact the ISU Foundation for a mailing list.  A request form is available at

To request e-mail addresses of currently enrolled students, contact Del Marks. You will be sent an Excel file containing names, hometowns, e-mail addresses, year in school and college enrolled in for all students who have provided a home address in your county.

Extension retirees will receive a letter from campus, notifying them of the activity. The letter will suggest they contact county directors to become involved.

Campus staff will be providing a list of potential staff from Ames to participate in each service project.

Suggested parameters: Service projects should be action-oriented, involve something physical. They should involve a number of people. It should provide something of value to the community. The project will be commemorated with a bronze plaque.

Want Cy to help? Contact Elaine Edwards for information on having Cy personally attend your service project event.

Orders for the ISU History Book

ISU Extension will be doing a group order for the new ISU book commemorating 150 years of university history. The sesquicentennial committee recommends that local offices provide copies for libraries throughout Iowa. More information.

Listen for the Sesquicentennial minutes

ISU Extension will produce one-minute radio segments focused on the history of ISU and distribute them to radio stations and via the web.

Help ISU spread the word

A PowerPoint presentation on the Sesquicentennial prepared for ISU President Gregory Geoffroy is available for use by Extension staff.  Check the notes pages for information that goes with each slide.

ISU Extension staff are encouraged to participate in local parades to help spread the word about the celebration. ISU Marketing will provide each county office with a banner commemorating the event to be used in parades and at events around the state.